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Sep 30, 2018

5 great tips and tricks to make your Samsung Galaxy J7 run smoothly 

In many respects the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) is one of the lesser known Galaxy devices. Whilst it doesn't get as much air time as the Galaxy A5 or S7, for those people who have had the good idea to invest in a J7 they haven't been disappointed. That said, like every other smartphone out there, once you start using your device its performance will decrease overtime. Here are a few handy hints to help you get the most out of your Galaxy J7. 

Avoid those hungrier applications

As we're all already aware, there are a huge number of apps available for download from the Google Play Store. Some of these will be ideally suited to your Galaxy J7, but not all apps are created alike. Some will drag down your smartphone's performance. This is a clear sign that these apps are not running properly on your phone.
Samsung Galaxy J7: treat it kindly / © ANDROIDPIT
When you run these apps over an extended period of time, they will use every available resource on your phone to support themselves. This will inevitably undermine your smartphone's ability to perform most tasks, and at worst will permanently damage its hardware due to issues such as overheating. 

Free up some space

The more space you take up on your phone, the more it will slow down - it's as simple as that.
First, you should remove any unnecessary applications you have installed on your phone. Anything you are not using on a regular basis doesn't need to be there, does it?
AndroidPIT uninstall apps 2781
If you're not using it, you don't need it. / © ANDROIDPIT
Second, try cleaning your cache. These are temporary files created by apps you install and use up memory on your device. Most of the time these caches are cleared after use, but here are also occasions when you will have to go in there and manually remove these.  
It's spring! Time to clean out your cache. / © Samsung
Removing an app doesn't necessarily mean that it's the last you'll see of it. Sometimes residual files will remain in the phone's memory after you've uninstalled an application. You can use a file manager to delete these, that way you can remove them without accidentally taking out any of the essential resources your phone needs. 

Kill background applications

You need space to ensure that your Galaxy J7 can run smoothly, but what if this is being used up by an application running in the background? Simple - you phone's performance will slow down. 
To avoid this annoying issue, just go to the applications menu in the settings. Here you can manually remove those processes you don't need. Alternatively, you can also download a task killer from the Google Play Store to do all the dirty work for you. 
AndroidPIT photo corner apps i use every day
Apps are great, but they can come with a lot of baggage. / © ANDROIDPIT

Widgets and live wallpapers

Widgets and live wallpapers are two other culprits. These eat up memory and always continue to run in the background. If you're concerned about your J7's performance, you should try to avoid using live wallpaper and keep the widgets to a minimum. 

Run an update

It's always a good idea to check for updates for your OS and apps. This will go a long way in helping you increase your phone's performance. 
An update can be best thing to help your Galaxy J7. / © ANDROIDPIT
As you may have already guessed, most of these tips can be used to improve the performance on any Android device. The big question is: have you ever tried using these yourself? Did you find any of these helped improve the performance on your Samsung Galaxy J7? Let us know in the comments below.

Empaths Cannot Stand Being Close To These 5 Types of Fake People

An empath is someone who naturally connects with the emotions of the people around them. They are extremely sensitive to feelings and energy. This type of person can instantly tell if you are being honest or deceptive.
For an empath, certain types of people are extremely difficult to be around. They cannot stand being around fake or deceptive individuals
Since an empath can sense the feelings of other people, they can tell when someone’s feelings do not match up with what they actually say. Because of this, there are five kinds of people that an empath cannot stand being around for long.

1. Overly Tough People

An empath likes someone who is genuinely tough because they have experienced a lot in life or worked hard.
They hate people who pretend to be tough. When someone is rude to a waiter because they think they are better or in control, an empath cannot stand it.
They hate anyone who is rude or angry. If someone is a bully, the empath instantly wants to leave the room.

Luckily, this type of person tends to avoid empaths. In most cases, the empath will not have to put up with them for long.

2. Dramatic People

We have all encountered people who like to play the victim. They say how much they hate drama, but all they do is bring drama into their life.
This type of person is fine with gossiping about everyone else, but they instantly get offended when someone says anything about their own actions.
An empath has a gift for emotional healing. When you are friends with an empath, they are the person you turn to for help when you are in emotional turmoil.

While this is one of the strengths of an empath, it is also a huge weakness. When someone always causes drama and plays the victim, the empath’s first impulse is to help.
Then, they realize that the person just wants everyone to pity them. They would rather have someone defend their argument than try to find a workable solution.

3. Manipulative People

Most people do not even realize when they are being manipulated. An empath can quickly tell if someone is lying or manipulating them.
Unfortunately, an empath attracts this type of personality because of their kindness and understanding.
Liars and manipulators try to use the empath, but the empath will quickly figure it out.

4. People Who Pretend to Be Someone Else

An empath does not have time to deal with this type of person. They are happy to help you work through problems and provide moral support.
If you cannot accept who you are, the empath cannot do anything for you.
An empath cannot help fake people because there is nothing real in their personality to help.

5. People Who Always Complain

An empath feels emotions deeply. They instantly connect to how you feel and what you want out of life.
When someone constantly complains, it feels draining for the empath. They connect to the feelings in each complaint.
An empath cannot handle this constant stream of negativity. Even though they want to help, they are too emotionally exhausted to do anything.
Plus, the empath quickly realizes that nothing will ever make the complainer happy.

Even when the sun is shining, the complainer cannot look on the bright side.
Empaths know who they are and how they feel. They work on their personality to become the type of person who they admire.
Because of this, they can have a problem connecting to someone who does not seem genuine.
When they are around a negative person, they soak up this negativity like a sponge.
An empath cannot handle being around fake or negative people for long.

If you are an empath, let the world know just what it is like. Help people discover the types of people that an empath cannot stand. If you´ve had any experiences with these 5 types of people mentioned in the article, then let us know in the comments below!
Theo Power of Positivity

How to Beat Depression Naturally Without Medication

Anyone who has experienced depression knows how intense it can be. More than just a low mood, it can sap you of any and all motivation or hope. It can make it seem like everything you touch is blighted. Your sleep, eating, and social habits can all be negatively affected by it. The good news is that there is hope. Thanks to a better understanding of mental illness, we now understand that people can sometimes beat depression naturally.
While medication is a popular means of treatment and often a good course to take, it is not the only one. There are plenty of ways to beat depression naturally without medication.
Being depressed can make it very difficult to get proper sleep. Depending on what sort of depression you go through, you could be getting far too much or too little sleep. You might be lying awake, lamenting your life and your decisions. On the other hand, you might find that sleep feels like the only refuge you have. In order to get healthy sleep, you must have healthy sleep habits. Have a set bedtime and wake-up time and follow through. Aim for 7-8 hours of consistent sleep every night.
As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” If you aren’t putting the right foods in your body, you could increase your depressed mood. A healthy body means a healthy mind. You should be taking part in a balanced diet of things like fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. It’s also important to eat breakfast and to consume water throughout the day. Your body will thank you and you’ll feel all-around better.
When depressed, you can feel like a prisoner of your own mind. It’s easy to try and fight against your thoughts. However, doing so can be an ultimately futile gesture. The more you try to resist these thoughts, the more powerful they can become. Mindfulness meditation is a practice worth taking up. It involves observing your thoughts without judgment.
You might want to hide from the world when depressed. It can seem like everything around you is so daunting and unfriendly. However, being outside can have profound benefits. For instance, sunlight can have a positive impact through increased dopamine and serotonin. It can also help you feel much less trapped inside your problems. Instead, you can remember how much the world has to offer and how much you have to offer the world.
You can’t expect to beat depression naturally if you aren’t treating your body properly. Exercise is a must for all able-bodied people and can help you to feel better. It doesn’t need to be anything too intense either. You can start slowly, with some basic aerobics in the morning. As you progress, you will be able to do things you previously weren’t able to. The further you go, the more you’ll see exercise as a treat.
It’s one of the most common ways to beat depression naturally, and for good reason. Professionals who have been trained in mental illness can unravel reasons behind mental illness. If you’re depressed, you should set up an appointment with a therapist. While they won’t be able to solve your problems themselves, they will work with you so you can find the tools you need to succeed. In therapy, it’s vital to keep up with all the necessary practices. This can include logging your thoughts and studying your thought patterns. Realize that you don’t have to be stuck in your ways for any longer, and that hope is available.
When you decide to deal with depression, you’re not giving in and doing nothing. Rather, you’re admitting that you have a problem and deciding to deal with it maturely. It can certainly be challenging, especially in the early stages. However, the road ahead is far less daunting when you take those first steps.
It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to suffer alone. Millions of people are going through depression at this very moment. Many of them will hide it due to fear of being judged. Remember that you can help them to beat depression, just as they can help you.

Choose Your Favorite Butterfly And Discover Something Great About Your Personality

So without thinking too much, observe the butterflies and immediately choose your favorite. Then discover its meaning.

1. Sensitive and generous:

You characterize yourself as an honest and loving person, who shows an authentic interest in others, easily putting yourself in the place of others and worrying (sometimes too much) for their needs, sometimes even forgetting yourself and your needs.
Although, there is a great happiness and joy in helping, remember that it is fundamental to start with yourself, so that you can keep your light and your well-being. Recognizing and accepting healthy limits in your life will do you a lot of good, it will make you feel much fuller and more satisfied with yourself.

2. Harmonious and peaceful:

You characterize yourself as an affable, serene, patient and receptive person. You try to maintain a beautiful harmony with life and transmit peace and tranquility in your social groups (family, friends, work, etc). The excessive search for tranquility could lead you to stubbornly deny the existence of unpleasant situations and conflicts, generating episodes of apathy and intentional indifference.
Remember that every situation that occurs (however sad or annoying it may be) has a purpose for you, for this reason your main challenge is to accept the events of life and flow with them to become a stronger, wiser person with genuine tranquility.

3. Talented:

You are characterized as an observant, logical and orderly person who likes things well done. You feel the need to improve everything around you, explain to others how to do things and you can get angry when the work of others does not meet your expectations. You could also become a compulsive worker, and that is exactly where your great challenge lies.
A little moderation in your life would be great for you. Establish spaces within your life to calm your agitated mind and put yourself at peace with yourself and the world around you. Look at the sky for a few minutes, go for a walk or just to listen to your favorite song will do a lot of good to your mood and the quality of your work and your relationship with others will improve greatly.

4. Achievement-oriented:

You characterize yourself as a self-confident, energetic and hardworking person, qualities that help you excel in many aspects of life. You can become afraid of failure, because most of your security is based on your achievements, and for this reason you work hard (sometimes until stressed), which can affect your emotional and physical health.
Your main challenge is to learn to recognize that you are much more than your achievements, and accept that you are a wonderful person, full of unique natural talents and that those who really love you, love you for what you are, not for what you do or what you have. This way your life will become much lighter, happier and more satisfying and you will be able to focus your talent and energy better on everything you want to be and everything you want to do.

5. Enthusiast:

You characterize yourself as a person who wants to be free, happy and fill your life with satisfying experiences. You fear boredom and monotony, and since you have many and very diverse skills and knowledge, you remain in constant movement and immersed in multiple activities at the same time, causing one of your biggest problems: the lack of constancy.
Your main challenge is to learn to manage your time and energy wisely. You would like to do many things at the same time, but that is impossible, it will affect your energy levels, your persona and your credibility. Learn to set priorities, work with schedules and other organizational methods and learn to say no (to others, and even to yourself) when you feel the need to do so. In this way your life experiences will be much fuller, satisfying and happy.

6. Artist:

You are known for being a person with high levels of sensitivity, which makes you kind, empathic with others and above all creative. Your creativity allows you to build and reform, be it a physical space, a work of art, a job or a way of doing things.
Due to your high sensitivity it is likely that sometimes you feel the need to isolate yourself to a quiet place, away from the world and its turmoil, these breaks will do a lot of good to your life, your work, your relationships with other people and connect with your true essence.

15 Reasons Why Being Single Is Not Bad At All

A lot of people suffer from the syndrome “the grass is always greener on the other side” especially when it comes to relationships. But, in life, you come to a moment when you realize that there is nothing wrong to pursue a relationship with yourself.
That means no pursuit of a romantic relationship, no dating apps or sites, no blind-dates setups by family and friends. In no time you will notice that you are more dedicated to your work, family, and friends.
And you feel fulfilled and happy, and then there comes a moment when you see a happy couple, walking down the street, smiling and holding hands, and you think: Why I don’t have that?
But then you go back to reality and realize that single life is actually marvelous and that you choose this type of life. Do you know why single life is that incredible? Read on to find out.

Top #15 Reasons Why Being Single is Amazing

#1 Going Out is Always an Adventure

When you are single, you can go out and let the night lead its way. Meaning that you don’t have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings if you don’t text back if you don’t say where you are. You can be wild, young and careless.
And those are things which you cannot fully experience once you are in a relationship.

#2 You Only Have to Check In with Your Parents

This might seem bad at first, but with time you will love doing that since your parents mean nothing wrong to you and they are the ones who genuinely care about you.

#3 You Don’t Have to Wonder If You’re with the Right Person

Being single means being true to yourself. And no you don’t have to wonder whether you made a right choice, or whether this person is the one.
You don’t have to ask yourself the question: “Is there something better out there?” When you are single, you can go out and explore.

#4 You Don’t Have to Settle

Being with someone just because you don’t want to be single, is the worst thing ever. You are single, and you are very well aware that you didn’t settle for less than you deserve and need.

#5 You Can Be Selfish for the Best Reasons

We all know that unless you love yourself, you cannot love another person. By being single, you have many opportunities to get to know yourself, what you can offer, and give. To understand what you want from life and a potential partner.
By being entirely true to yourself, you are going to offer the best to friends, potential partners, and colleagues.

#6 You Can Flirt All You Want

The single world offers many opportunities to flirt, and you can easily do that without feeling guilty. Cause, hey, you are single, so why not?

#7 You Can Save Money

You can save your money and choose who or what you want to spend it. You can go to that theater play you always wanted to go, or buy that extremely expensive bag. And no, no one is going to judge. It is your money, enjoy them.

#8 The Bed Is All Yours

You don’t have to struggle in the middle of the night for your sheets. And no, no one misses that.

#9 You Still Fell Excitement of Finding True Love or Maybe Not

According to sociocultural norms, you should find someone, then settle down, get married, have kids and raise a family. Oh, that same old cycle.
However, in one research around 73 percent of people said that the person they are currently dating isn’t actually the right one or their true love.
According to one site that does those different relationship metrics only 285, 000 to 1 will find the right person. Well, we can accept the fact that the odds are against us and try to enjoy life.
Instead of expecting to find the one, try to work on yourself to be the best version for yourself and maybe you will be someone else’s one.

#10 Life is an Adventure

Being single means having no boundaries. Feel free to do anything you want; you are bound by your desires, imagination, passion, and creativity.

#11 You Have Time to Work on Yourself

You have time, motivation and energy. There no distractions, no worrying about other people’s wishes, and dreams. You can freely chase only your dreams.

#12 You Can Travel

Traveling is better when you are single. Why? Because you don’t have to worry about your partner being offended that you didn’t invite him/her, or explaining to someone what are you doing each day.

#13 You Can Be Curious Without Worries

The good thing is that your curiosity won’t hurt anyone else. You can feel free to explore and figure things out.

#14 You Don’t Have to Do Something You Don’t Want to

Life is short, and sure you have a list of things on your mind which you want to do for a long time.
The good thing about being single is that every action, decision, and choice you make is entirely yours. And, yes, it is an excellent way to live your life.

#15 No Relationship Drama

The best thing about being single – no relationship drama. No fights over the phone about what someone said, what someone didn’t say and should’ve had.
No more pointless hours of arguing and making sure that you are a priority to someone, who doesn’t even put you third on their list.
Oh, aren’t we all glad we don’t have to deal with that? Drama no thank you. Instead, you should invest energy in other things.


No matter how this relationship thing will work in the future, at least now you sleep well at night. The great thing is that you greet each day with enthusiasm.
You can work hard to be useful and helpful at your job, community and to your family, friends, and co-workers. Maybe you will be “the one” to somebody, and if not, well that will also be okay.

10 Signs You’re Surrounded By Negative People

Surrounding yourself with positive people is important because you are directly affected by the people around you. However, it is not always as easy as it might seem to detect people who are good for you. On the surface, they might seem superficially positive. Below are some signs, some of them less obvious than others, that a person might be bad for your well-being.
If you think about it, you have family members and friends in your life who would be there for you if you needed something like a 10-minute conversation or a ride somewhere. However, you might have another friend who just never seems to have time for anything. Friends should at least be able to make time for you occasionally especially if you have done the same for them.

They Put Down Your Dreams

Some so-called friends undermine you by discouraging you from pursuing your ambitions. Your friends should believe in you and celebrate your successes. A friend should also encourage you when things don’t work out. Negative people don’t do these things for you.

You Can’t Trust Them

Maybe your friend lied to you once, felt bad about it and confessed. This can happen sometimes, but a bad friend lies all the time. A person who lies to you doesn’t respect you, and you can’t build a relationship without a foundation of respect. You should never remain friends with someone who chronically lies.

They Claim to Be Victims

“I am always a loser”- You might have experienced some of your close mates saying this. The negative ones always intentionally consider them the victims or the losers. They always deliberately take up the action of being the one hurt. Even if they are not linked to the case, they consider themselves the victim. So, it is better to stay away from these people if you want your determination to keep you moving on in life.

They Are Full of Excuses

Nothing is ever their fault. They avoid conflict, and they have no interest in any of your problems and no time for you. Your real friends will engage with you honestly. The others are to be avoided.

They Don’t Pay Attention to You

You only get their attention if they are around you and your friends. When their friends or people they want to impress are around, they are too busy socializing to pay any attention to you. They also can’t seem to respond to emails or texts that you send.

They Are Users

They will always be at your service when you are providing them with something in return. They are very advantageous. They are ready to take advantage of you and exploit you to your maximum. Be it a financial advantage, study or even an amorous one, they can even be your most pretentious positive accompany.

They Suffer From Jealousy

It is normal for some people to feel envy to some extent. You can help some of those people. However, a bad friend will be jealous of everything about you. The person might try to hurt you with gossip or in other ways. If the person does this a lot, you might want to think about whether the friendship should continue.

They Try to Change You

People should accept you instead of trying to change you. They might want to change what you look like or who you are. Whether it’s your weight, part of your personality or something else, you should never change because someone else tells you to.

They Judge Your Past

Spending time with other people usually means that you will reveal more and more about yourself. You may have made mistakes in your past, learned from them and moved on, but a bad friend can’t do the same thing. If your friend constantly refers to your past and uses it to belittle you, you should reconsider the friendship.

They Talk About You Behind Your Back

A friend who gossips about you is no friend. A person who has a problem with you should talk to you about it directly. People who gossip cannot be trusted. If you cannot set effective boundaries with this person, you might have to end the friendship.
You have probably figured out by now why it is really essential to stay away from the negative people. In fact, if you do not stay away from them, one day, you will regret not having the courage to pursue your dreams despite having the capabilities.

6 Reasons Men Leave The Women They Love

Why men leave women they love instead of sticking around and repairing their relationships. Once a man feels alone in a relationship he begins to fall out of love and look around for someone else to meet his emotional needs.
Women tend to try to “repair” the man they are in relationship with. Once a woman feels she does not get what she deserves from her Man, she will often start asking to change.
Instead of communicating her needs in an effective and calm way, she can nag her man. Over time, this pressure to change is a powerful motivator for a man to move from the relationship.
The way man see it is that if it can not make you consistently happy, then there is no reason to stay with you. Failure to engage in his desire to become someone else than who he really is will eventually become too much to take.
Men know they are not born with the innate understanding of how women operate. Sometimes they are just simple fact.

1. She nags all the time.

People can get the woman out of the voice for the most part of time. Unfortunately, constant nagging and weakness can have a relationship in a relationship. Men can play as children, but they are not children. They do not tolerate constant culling and complaining. Men need to feel appreciated. Nagging forms a negative habit that is eventually ignored and avoided. It adds to the negative reinforcement that becomes aggressive passive.
If he knows he’s gonna give him pain, he will not. Anyway, he feels he’ll cry. If there is no appreciation, it does not do what she wants. For a man, a woman who is born is the least sexy creature on the planet.

2. Lack of intimacy.

Believe it or not, men crave intimacy just as much as women. But, if a man has to beg for it while the woman holds it hostage to get him to do things, he may leave the relationship to seek that connection with someone else.
A man will not stand by too long with a woman who will not participate in intimate encounters with their partner. A man falls in love with a woman for many reasons, but he also needs to feel that he is the most attractive person in her life.

3. He feels that she’s trying to fix him.

Men hate being “fixed” – they look great in their own image, even with all the flaws. On the other hand, some women see men with flaws as a project, so as soon as they feel comfortable in the relationship, they begin fixing them. Men hate this – they know all their flaws, but when a woman identifies them and starts working on them, they immediately begin looking for an exit strategy.
As the great Albert Einstein ones said, “Men marry women in the hope they never change, and women marry men in the hope they never change. In the end, they’re both disappointed.” Men never change, and they never have to if you really love them. If you’re loving and supportive, they will grow and be more mature.

4. Emotional co-dependency.

Men need their space and it’s a fact. They don’t want to be treated like an item – they need their friends, they need their me time and don’t want to be babysitters. Once he loses the feeling of freedom, you can bet he’s going to try to find a way out of the relationship. A healthy relationship needs both partners to have their own hobbies and friends, and this co-dependency is what drives the relationship forward.
If you cut away their freedom, men will feel like in a prison. As soon as they realize it, they will leave and never come back. Men really fear losing their freedom, so make sure not to do this if you really love him.

5. He is threatened by the woman’s success.

According to a study conducted by experts from the University of Florida, men feel threatened when their partner is more successful than them. A woman’s success affects them in a negative way and they are inclined to leave. This is a major reason for a man to leave a woman, so don’t be surprised when he walks out the door if you’re making more than him.

6. She compares him to other men.

There is nothing more annoying to a man than listening to a woman talk about past relationships. When the woman starts to compare him to an ex, that’s the beginning of the end. Men do not want to analyze their partner’s past.
A man wants to believe he is the only one that matters right now. He doesn’t want to hear that a previous lover did this or that. He wants to know that what he is doing right now is enough.
Men love women. They fall in love with expectation of being appreciated, respected and supported. When he does not feel he is the hero of the story, he will make a serious decision to change the status of the relationship.

The One Quote You Need to Hear Right Now, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Life can be overwhelming. So it’s not a stretch to say that ALL of us need a little pick-me-up once in awhile. But not all of us are inspired by the same sentiments.
The same we all have different “love languages“, we have different “inspo languages” as well. Some of us may need to hear that everything is going to be okay, while others need to hear they’re not alone. How do you know what you respond to best in your time of need?
Once again we look to the stars. Here is the quote you need to hear to power through the tough times, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries, you are a force to be reckoned with and love being first. So when you’re feeling down you need something that will help you find that inner strength and power you know exists inside of you.
Your quote: “Do not tame the wolf inside you just because you’ve met someone who doesn’t have the courage to handle you.”

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus, as an earth sign you are grounded and practical and know with all your heart that hard work pays off. Which is why you’ve never backed down from a challenge. But when you’re feeling low, you need to be reminded that the fruits of your labor have not been done in vain and will pay off in the end.
Your quote: “Strong women don’t have attitudes. We have standards.” Stay true to yourself and know that it will be worth the wait.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

As a Gemini you are versatile, quick-witted and can go from funny to serious in the blink of an eye. When you start doubting yourself (all your “selves”) you need to be reminded that there is strength in your many, many sides.
Your quote: “She was caught between a strong mind, a sensitive heart, and a passion more wild than a hurricane.” Never let them tame you!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

As a Cancer you are deeply intutive and sympathetic. In fact, when a friend needs help you’re usually their first call. So when you’re the one who needs a little support you can get down on yourself quite easily. What you need to remember is that you are loved and you WILL get through this.
Your quote: “Don’t give up now. Chances are your best kiss, your hardest laugh, and your greatest day are still yet to come.”

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Tenacious, gregarious and fierce, the fiery Leo is a hard one to tear down. Your confidence usually carries you through any situation, but even the most confident person can feel down sometimes. You need to be reminded that you are not alone, you don’t have to be strong all the time, and it’s okay to cry once in awhile.
Your quote: “So many strong women began as a broken girl.”

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo, you are loyal, kind and have a keen-eye for what works and what doesn’t. But your shrewd anaytical skills can sometimes lead to an overcritical analysis of yourself. When in doubt you need to remember that the choices you make are grounded in your experience and deep wisdom. You ARE ENOUGH, so have faith in YOURSELF.
Your quote: “And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” – Mark Anthony.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Libras: peaceful, fair and always searching for harmony. If you ran the world we would all be better off because of it. When Libra gets down it’s usually do to an injustice, a feeling of isolation, or a loss of hope. You need to be reminded that you can’t fix everything, life is not fair, and that as long as you are at peace with your decisions that is enough.
Your quote: “She is at a place in her life where peace is her priority and negativity cannot exist.”

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Oh Scorpio, perhaps the most mysterious of all the signs. You are resourceful, brave, passionate, and stubborn which makes you a force of nature. For all these reasons you are usually the one leading the pack, but when you start doubting yourself it can be hard to recover. You must remember that everything you feel — the good, the bad and the ugly — is what makes you so strong. Do not let anyone make you feel otherwise.
Your quote: “She was life itself. Wild and free. Wonderfully chaotic. A perfectly put together mess.”

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius, you are generous and charismatic with an immense love of freedom. So much so nothing and no one can hold you down. But you also like moving at the speed of light and sometimes life doesn’t allow that. So when you’re feeling low you need to tap into that depth of optimism that has gotten you this far. Your strength lies in the light you shine on this world. Use it!
Your quote: “That was her magic, she could still see the sunset even on those darkest days.”

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Capricorn, you are a master of self-control. In other words, you usually have your shit together. You’re responsible and disciplined and like others to be the same, which is why you make a great leader. When things get tough it can be a shock to your usually-confident-and-organized demeanor. You need to remember that not all days are perfect, getting dirty is just a part of life, and it’s your resilience, not perfection, that makes you strong.
Your quote: “It didn’t matter that she fell apart, it was how she put herself back together.”

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

As an Aquarius you’re the best of both worlds: immensely thoughtful but fun-loving and energetic. You love fighting for causes you believe in, are highly independent , free spirited and love to use that intellectual mind of yours. But when you’re struggling it can like drowning. While the future is usually so clear for your visionary mind, it suddenly feels bleak. You’re strength lies in your fearless ability to reinvent yourself and change with the tides like the water sign you are.
Your quote: “You may have to lose who you were to find out who you are.”

Pisces (February 19 To March 20)

Pisces: a gentle, wise and compassionate soul. Your selfless nature makes you a valuable ally and friend. But sometimes your intuition and empathy for others can take a toll. So much so it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. When you’re feeling low or like there’s nothing left to hold on to, you must remind yourself that you are stronger than your kind demeanor implies. You are not one to be underestimated.
Your quote: “Don’t fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon.”

Science Says The Fewer Friends You Have, The Smarter You Are

Your idea of hell might be other people if you are smart enough.
This is according to a fascinating research published in the British Journal of Psychology. The evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics together with his colleague Norman Li of Singapore Management University investigated the question of what a well-lived life is.
They found that the denser the population in the environment is, the less happy its people are. And the more interactions with close friends a person has, the happier they are.
However, more intelligent people are an exception. The researchers found that people with higher IQ were actually less happy and satisfied with their life when they engaged in social activities with their friends more often.
In other words, smart people don’t find happiness in socializing with friends.

Carol Graham, who is a lead researcher with the Brookings Institute, wrote in the Washington Post that the economics of happiness are dependent upon those with higher intelligence being “less likely to spend so much so much time socializing because they are focused on some other longer term objective.”
When you think about it, it actually kind of makes sense, especially for those who are highly intelligent. Many super-smart people have a lot of theories rolling around in their heads, and they are looking to figure out how to change the world in some wonderful way. Sometimes, they have a great invention they want to share with society. Simply put, highly intelligent people are more focused on their goals than those who have less intelligence. In all honesty, they’ve got more important things to do than listen to their friends talking about their most recent trip to Europe or the fact their son has been learning to play the violin or is learning French.
The study had some interesting analysis for us to consider. First of all, they suggested that hunter-gatherer societies had brains that were perfectly suited to their lives on the savannah in Africa. The population was scattered, and so communication was necessary in order to survive. People lived in groups of around 150, so communication was still pretty important,especially for finding a mate and the like.

However, the researchers hit on an important point: they discovered that there was an incongruity between the way we have evolved and the fast-paced lives we have led. They discovered that brainy people are more able to adapt to modern life, and they are not as tied to the predilections of humanity and their evolution. In other words, really smart people such as your chemistry professor have less of a need to be social or have many friends.
So if you are not the social type and prefer just to exercise your mind in some way, either through working on an invention, studying a diagram, working on your writing, or doing some other sort of intellectual project, then you probably shouldn’t fret. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are anti-social; it probably just means you are really smart.
What do you think about this? Do you think that having fewer friends and engaging less in social activities will make you smarter and more able to achieve your dreams?

Are You The Carrier Of Your Family Karma? Check Out These 5 Signs And Find Out!

The karma of ancestral bloodline is called family karma. The most spiritually developed in the family will carry this ‘energetic blockages’ in the karmic family life from birth all throughout their lifetimes unless they release it.
This passing of energy could be done either physically, verbally, energetically or subconsciously.
Not getting along with your parents, sometimes, has to do with the energetic ties to past experiences.
You and your parents may have had karmic building experiences in the past by hurting another or refusing to learn a lesson.

Family patterns are handed down from ancestors to great grandparents, to grandparents, to parents, then to you.
An example of this is, let’s say, your grandmother is overly benign. She took care of everybody to the point of being used by everyone including your alcoholic and chain-smoker grandfather.
Your mother then becomes a sacrificial energy, lacking focused attention and love to herself or her children. These traditions get passed down exactly as oppression and false truth, perpetuating the system and keeping the mass consciousness on a lower, dense level.
As a child of your parents, you carry the karmic DNA that has been passed down to you. It could either be incredibly mild or extremely intense.

5 Signs You Are The Carrier Of A Family Karma

The carrier of the family karma has these specific traits:
– You are the most spiritually developed and the most conscious among your parents and siblings.
– You feel you’re greatly different from your family.
– You suffer an inexplicable illness at times, and may even feel that the burdens of the world are on your shoulders.
– You’re caught up in bizarre family matters many times.
– You recognize the recurring family pattern in your parents and ancestors and have the desire to change it.

How To Cut The Energetic Cords?

To release the ties from the parental energy, you must release them first in your own mind and emotions.
Look within and find out to what extent you live by your parent’s rules and set of illusions. Learn that these are mostly based on fear and judgment.
Once you’ve cleared everything and let that go, you’re free and able to forgive your parents and instantly “leave the parental house.”
Severing the inner cords within and taking responsibility for your life is in a way, letting your parents be.
Saying ‘no’ to their fears and illusions is, at the same time, seeing your parents as not identical with their fears and illusions. Like you, they’re also cosmic travelers trying to fulfill their soul mission.
Once you feel this, you see them as innocent and need forgiveness. They did their best in loving you the way they knew how, even if their best wasn’t good enough.
You may appear to be a victim of your parent’s ego-based consciousness since your childhood and may have lived by their illusions, yet transcending from a victim’s role is a breakthrough you can give yourself.

Transform your family’s energetic patterns by doing the following:

1. Meditate and do self-introspection to get to the core of the recurring problems.
2. Understand the behavioral patterns and change it.
3. Choose to be your own master, your own energy soul, your own karma-carrier.