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15 Important Tips for Newborn Babies New Parents Wish They’d Learned Sooner

It feels like your life is starting all over again the second you first take your newborn baby into your arms. Time and time again, your baby will still steal your heart. Still, new parents, however much they try to prepare, might be anxious about taking care of a newborn, especially if it’s their very first child. You could read all the books in the world but you can never really prepare for what it’s like to have a person’s entire life in your hands! Bright Side has collected some unexpected pieces of advice that can help parents of newborns. 1. Don’t underestimate the importance of body language. Crying isn’t the only way your baby tries to communicate with you. Pay attention to your baby’s body language . Clenched fists could indicate that your baby is stressed or hungry. Repeated kicking suggests your baby might want to play. Even something like pulling on their ears could suggest they are starting to teethe. 2. When breastfeeding, hold your baby with the arm