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8 Key Differences Between Genuine and Fake People; 5th One Might Shock You!

Sometimes it is straightforward to understand if someone is not sincere with you. But other times, it can be quite a challenge to detect a fake person. Usually, they are very nice in front of you, but talk trash behind your back. But there are other ways to understand if someone is sincere. Here are 8 differences between genuine and fake people: 1. Looking Out For Vs. Looking Down On Genuine people want the best for everyone. They do not judge others and treat them with respect. Genuine people know that talking badly about someone does not make them better. They do not seek confidence in bringing others down. Fake people tend to look down on others. They point out their mistakes and faults and with that feel better about themselves. This only shows insecurity and not a great personality. 2. Hard To Impress Vs. Easy To Please Real people do what they think is right and best; they do not care what others think about them. Genuine people trust their gut and do not wo