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According To Psychiatrists, Couples Who Argue Actually Love Each Other More

Do you argue a lot with your partner and start losing faith in your relationship? Don’t, because new studies show that arguing strengthens the bond between you and your lover. If you argue, it means you know your lover well enough and are brave to voice your opinions. It shows the understanding between you two. Psychologists have carried out tests and have concluded that couples which argue, have a stronger relationship than others. Relationships usually begin with hearts and butterflies. Everything is fine and dandy. You agree with each other and you compromise. But, as the relationship moves past the “honeymoon stage,” you start to show opinions, differences, and your individual personalities. It is then that you experience a fluctuation in the harmony of the union. A relationship gets tested. If you can have healthy arguments, you can truly learn from one another. Arguing is a major form of communication. It shows individualism, different perspectives and the ab

Scientists Found That Couples Who Really Love Each Other Tend To Get Fat

There are several benefits of being in a happy relationship; for instance, you always have someone to share your feelings with, you don’t need to call your friends and see whether they are free to go out or not as you have the company of your lover, there is someone to give you a soft massage after a hectic day, you can have a great time cuddling with your partner, and so on. However, there is one drawback of being in a relationship too as a couple has more chances of gaining weight than the ones who are single. Yes, that’s correct! You may have not observed it but the researches which have been conducted are endorsing this fact. Here’s a shocking fact, did you know that couples who truly love each other tend to grow fat. Yes, it has actually been backed by scientific proof. Have you ever felt that you were gaining a few pounds when you were in a relationship? Well, that’s because you were. A lot of research carried out have proved that once two people have a comfort

7 Reasons Why I Think Valentine’s Day Is Kinda Stupid

Well, let us get it straight. Firstly, no one even knows how Valentine’s Day originated but this consistent feeding of the idea, that someone has to love you on one particular day more than the rest, it is simply bizarre. Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated after Saint Valentine, well, someone from AD 496! Valentine was a priest in Rome who was martyred. At the time, being a martyr would claim you as a Valentine, it is just that this person had it in his name! Did you know? There is another Valentine, the Valentine of Terni, a bishop of Interamna (modern day Terni) who was martyred as well? But we only celebrate it after the Valentine of Rome. So where did it all start? Saint Valentine was a “Priest of Rome imprisoned for succoring persecuted Christians.”  The Roman Emperor Claudius II personally interrogated valentine in person. Now that is big. The Emperor was already impressed by Valentine. Now, Claudius’ primary idea was to convert Valentine to paganism whi

10 Great Ways to Spice Up a Long Time Relationship

The two of you have been together so long that people see you as relationship goals. Is it hard to remember life before you met, and hard to imagine it without each other? Things change over time in a relationship without the individuals realizing it. Every now and then couples should take a look at their relationship to make sure they aren’t simply growing old together. It’s easy for people that have been in relationships to become complacent and assume the other person is happy with the status quo. You should never stop putting in the work to keep your relationship balanced. If you’ve been with your partner for a long time it may be time to try some new things. Continue reading for 10 ways on how to spice up a relationship. 1. Write Each Other Love Letters Do you like me, check yes or no? We all remember the little love notes kids passed around in their elementary classes. Well, we’re never too old to express our affection for the ones we love. Take a momen

9 Things Couples Must Do For A Lasting Relationship That Others Won’t Tell You

Relationships aren’t easy , that’s just a fact of life, but there are a few little things you and your partner can do to help ensure the relationship is happy, healthy, and lasts as long as possible. Here are nine things any couple can do to help make that dream a reality: 1. Kiss More Often Kissing is one of the most intimate interactions a couple can partake in. It brings them together physically and emotionally, which is very important when maintaining a happy and robust rapport with one another. 2. Cuddling Strengthens Your Bond The feeling of one’s body non-sexually connecting to another is out of this world. You can feel your partner’s heartbeat, warmth, and breathing pattern. There are few things more satisfying than being held lovingly by the one you love. 3. Compliments are Key It doesn’t matter who you are: receiving a compliment is a fantastic feeling . This especially applies to couples. Let them know they are often appreciated. You may think

The 9 Zodiac Pairs Which Make the Most Passionate Couples

How often do you read your horoscope? Are you a horoscope fanatic that stays up to date with the stars on a daily basis or are you the occasional reader? Maybe you don’t believe is this astro mambo-jumbo and think that people who waste their time on reading their horoscope are fools? However, you must admit that there’s something attractive about reading the stars and how they affect our mood, our personality, our success and our failure, both in our private and professional life. Even if you’re not a zodiac fanatic, the following article may peak your interest because it can tell you which zodiac sign would be your most passionate lover and which zodiac sign would be a perfect fit for you. Below you will find the zodiac combinations that are most compatible and most passionate together: Libra & Aries What separates the Aries from the rest is their leadership skills and their aggressiveness, something that usually creates trouble for them in both their professio