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Young Girl's Trying To Practice Flute Instead Dog Has Internet In Splits

Anyone that has ever lived with a dog knows he or she has an opinion about certain things. They will howl or act in funny ways to let you know what they think. It's part of the fun of having a canine as part of the family. They often put smiles on your face when you are feeling glum.   Save This video showcases how a "grumpy dog" earned his nickname. A girl is practicing the flute. The dog had a definite opinion on her talent. Save Parents often brace themselves to get through the hours and hours of their child's instrument practice. You may be one of those parents. What you may not have thought of, or have forgotten, is that pets have to go through this practice time.

The All Time Greatest Muses in the Music World

The All Time Greatest Muses in the Music World Behind every love song, there exists a story of true love. From John Lennon to Mick Jagger to Peter Gabriel to Bob Dylan, these rockstars owe some of their most popular hits to the ladies behind them. Granted, there have been many male muses (it's rumored that Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" is about Warren Beatty and Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" is about Dave Coulier), but the majority of history's most famous muses of rockstars have been women. Some of these famous musician muses were pivotal in the careers of multiple musicians, like Pattie Boyd (who was a muse for both George Harrison and Eric Clapton) or Courtney Love (who inspired both Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan). And some muses inspired people who didn't even know them (Neil Diamond thanks Caroline Kennedy for inspiring the biggest hit of his career). This list includes some of the music's all time greatest