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If You Are Heartbroken, Trust That God Has Someone Better For You.

When relationships have seemingly failed and dating seems hopeless, it’s easy to lose faith in the idea that there’s someone special in the world just for you. This is indeed a test of faith, but it is important to remember God has indeed created a person for you. When your faith in God’s plan starts to falter, keep these three simple reminders in mind. Fear Not In Genesis, we learn about the story of creation. When God creates Adam, He is aware there is a need for a companion. That spurs the creation of Eve. This is spiritual evidence that God is very aware of our desire to love and share our lives with another. After all, God is the one who gave us the gift of love and companionship in the form of other humans and animals. So, of course, our need for a life partner is no surprise to Him. And, if God had the forethought to create Eve for Adam, He had the same when it came to creating you. Remember, God’s not the forgetful type. So, you’ve no need to worry that m