Double Entendre 101: Adult Jokes In Cartoons That Have Us Wondering How We Didn’t See Them Before

  By Aakash M This article was originally published on stories Writers often add adult humor to their scenes, jokes, and cartoons. Cartoons are technically meant for kids, but nonetheless, it’s difficult not to take a look at them! There might have been many such moments in your childhood when you found your parents laughing during a particular scene in a movie or a cartoon, but you had no clue about what was happening. But, as an adult, when you rewatch it, you understand what happened. Although you’re many years late, you get the joke now! These jokes aren’t so obvious to a kid. The humor is certainly dark, but most times, it’s really quick and subtle. So, let’s take a look at 45 jokes from cartoons you might not have understood as a kid! Depression or Puberty? Teens are rebellious, challenging, and even silly at times. No offense to this generation’s teens; that’s just how we were back in the day! Their moods are often changing, and they’re often searching for their

Cuteness Overload: 30+ AI-Rendered Photos Of Pop Culture Icons As Toddlers

  By Jana I This article was originally published on whythese Today, we’re taking an exciting, whimsical journey down memory lane where the stars of pop culture, music, art, and acting will trade their glitzy glamour for pint-sized pizzazz! Ever wondered what your favorite icons looked like before they rocked stages and commanded screens? Well, the talented Sol Portais enlisted the magic of AI to transform these famous faces into adorable, cherub-cheeked kiddos! From adorable photos of legendary rappers like Snoop Dogg to insanely accurate depictions of stars like the Princess of Pop, these pictures will make your day. Some are very obvious, while others might take you a while, if not forever, to figure out! Think you’re up to the challenge? Well, allow us to roll out the red carpet for you as we take a look at how our favorite stars looked before we knew them. Emma Watson First up, we have the gorgeous and incomparable Emma Watson. While most of us have a pretty good