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The Main Reason Why Doctors Are Urging Parents to Keep Their Kids’ Baby Teeth

According to doctors, you should not throw your baby’s fallen teeth away as they are a valuable source of stem cells that could treat disease or dental problems later on in life.    Stem cell technology is advancing to stages that are truly a remarkable feat of medical science. But to make stem cells even more efficient in curing people, a person’s stem cells should be made available at any time. For this, there is cord blood that now parents are freezing and storing in hopes that it may save their child’s life one day. But now scientists are saying that other parts of the body can be sourced for the stem cells and one of them is baby teeth. The next time your child leaves his tooth beneath his pillow for the tooth fairy, make sure you take it and get it stored in a proper way. You see even the teeth contain stem cells and they could come in use one day. 1 Why you need to keep teeth for dental cells Scientists are recommending that a child’s milk teeth should no