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A Great Psychologist’s Test: Which Door Are You Afraid to Enter?

“The cave you are scared to enter contains the treasure you are looking for” – said Joseph Campbell, an American historian and writer, who has also researched human psychology. His psychological theory is based on the fact that if a person wants to conquer their fears, the person must be happy. Another psychologist who agrees with Campbell’s theory is Clifford N. Lazarus. He believes that people create their own barriers, and this stops them from expressing themselves completely. His advice on happiness is to take risks and face our fears. If you want to take a better look into your own personality and barriers, look at these photos and decide which one frightens you the most: 1. Abandoned house You’re a very intelligent and analytical person, and you don’t mind seeing things as they are. Your values are what’s most important to you, and you expect others to think the same. The wall covered in wallpaper indicates that you have raised emotional and spiritual w