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If You Experienced Emotional Abuse As A Child, You Probably Do These Things As An Adult

Emotional abuse or psychological abuse is a serious issue. It could damage people for life, especially when it happens in the tender years of budding childhood. Children are more susceptible to emotional abuse than adults. It affect s their personality and growth negatively, and their future relationships with other people. A study proves that early exposure to relational trauma in childhood can play a relevant role in the development of more severe psychopathic traits. Thankfully, we have awareness campaigns these days in order to bring this issue in front of people. We cannot treat it lightly because a child is an impressionable being and if s/he goes through traumatic experience then it may cause damage for life. Here is a list of things which emotionally abused people do as adults: 1. UNEXPRESSED ANGER You have been abused to such an extent that you feel that your emotions have no value. You don’t know how to handle intense feelings so you try to shut them