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People Kept Asking This Artist To Draw Them For Free, So He Decided To Teach Them A Lesson

You don’t walk into a pizza place and demand a free meal because you’ve heard good things about it. And you certainly don’t storm into a football stadium demanding a free ticket because you’re a fan of the team. Then why would you contact an artist for a free drawing only because you’ve checked out his Instagram account? Well, maybe you wouldn’t but there are plenty of people who do. In fact, Jon Arton from Birmingham, England has received so many free drawing requests, he started trolling the ones that have the audacity to make them. “I’ve always drawn since I was a kid,” Jon told Bored Panda . “I love art and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.” The artist has been getting requests for free drawings since he was a kid, too. “I’d spend my time in class doodling insulting images of the teachers. It got me in trouble a few times but was worth it for making people laugh.” Surprisingly, even though Jon’s art career has progressed way beyond those offensive drawings, at