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8 W.a.r.ning Signs of Chronic Anxiety Most People Ignore

Chronic anxiety is a common anxiety disorder that involves constant worry, nervousness and tension. It goes far beyond worrying about a work project or being nervous before a date. Chronic anxiety is an intense, persistent and excessive problem that can become extremely disruptive to a person’s everyday life, including his or her health.sad (2) Anxiety causes constant worry, feelings of dread, the inability to relax and feelings of being overwhelmed. It’s also entirely possible for anxiety to manifest into physical symptoms, not only affecting mental health, but physical health as well. While the behavioral and emotional symptoms of chronic anxiety are more widely known, these 8 physical symptoms can also be signs of an anxiety disorder: 1. Muscle Pain One of the most common physical symptoms associated with anxiety is muscle pain. Stress can cause pain in the muscles as well as inflammation. 2. Headaches Headaches are another common physical symptom of anxiet

The ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ is REAL, It Can Be Triggered By Very Stressful Situations

In our school, we were taught that the heart is one of the strongest and hardest working muscle of our body. An average adult heart beats for 72 times per 60 seconds. Multiply that a hundred times a day, and over 3,600,000 times for 365 days. To put it simply, the heart of a 70 year old man beat and pumps blood for more than 2.5 billion times. This is a true testament of the amazing dynamic strength and endurance of our heart. However, despite being the strongest muscle, our heart has a limit in what it could take. Aside from keeping our hearts healthy by maintaining a well balanced diet, it is also just as important to keep our hearts from emotional stress. People all over the world face problems different from one another. The common denominator between people facing problems and challenges is that majority of them are not comfortable in sharing their dilemmas. Some keep quiet of the difficult situation they are facing due to embarassment, some do not seek

Why Empaths Freeze Around Fake People

When empaths come across inauthentic people, they often shut down as a form of protection. Those that aren’t emanating truthful vibes may put empaths on high alert. An Empath Can’t Stand Inauthentic People Because: – They make up stories to get other people’s attention; – They praise other people but don’t really mean it; – They hide their real personality by creating new one as they fear that their real personality won’t be accepted; – They feel insecurity and pain because of their emotionally difficult childhood, but actually play the role of tough guys; – They are full of anger and hatred but do their best to convince others otherwise; – They desperately strive for the love of everyone by acting overly nice to be admired. Here Is Also the Reaction of an Empath When They Are Around Inauthentic People: – Although these people don’t do anything to offend or hurt empathic people, an empath will try to avoid their presence. – If an empath spends more than o

4 Ways to Fill the Emptiness In Your Life

Despite all the luxuries you possess there are times you feel this certain void in your heart, a hollow emptiness which everyone feels at some point but cannot figure out why they feel what they are feeling. At this point, to assure themselves they lie and blame it on lost love, failure, lack of friends, broken relationship, boredom or some other reasons which are merely a shell on the real problem. This feeling of falling in an endless hole with nothing to hold on just makes you lose yourself in melancholy. The lies which you told yourself to assure yourself of being aware of why you feel this doesn’t take you near to the actual problem. It just casts a shadow and hides the real issue. This feeling of emptiness doesn’t just affect an individual but the whole mankind. There is so much chaos and destruction in this world because people in order to fill that void go on seeking conformation from the outside world and to empty their bottled up frustration which ends up hurt