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7 Reasons Why I Think Valentine’s Day Is Kinda Stupid

Well, let us get it straight. Firstly, no one even knows how Valentine’s Day originated but this consistent feeding of the idea, that someone has to love you on one particular day more than the rest, it is simply bizarre. Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated after Saint Valentine, well, someone from AD 496! Valentine was a priest in Rome who was martyred. At the time, being a martyr would claim you as a Valentine, it is just that this person had it in his name! Did you know? There is another Valentine, the Valentine of Terni, a bishop of Interamna (modern day Terni) who was martyred as well? But we only celebrate it after the Valentine of Rome. So where did it all start? Saint Valentine was a “Priest of Rome imprisoned for succoring persecuted Christians.”  The Roman Emperor Claudius II personally interrogated valentine in person. Now that is big. The Emperor was already impressed by Valentine. Now, Claudius’ primary idea was to convert Valentine to paganism whi

Valentine’s Day Gift You Should Buy Your Partner (Based on Their Zodiac Sign)

When you’ve exhausted all your gift ideas for your partner on birthdays and Christmas, it can be hard to know what to buy when February rolls around. However, we have the perfect selection of gifts for your girlfriend or boyfriend this year. Just look up their zodiac sign and voila! You have the ideal present. Many of these gifts are great for both men and women, so be sure to check out the gifts geared towards both genders under each zodiac sign! AQUARIUS  (January 20 – February 18) Men: A book by their favorite author would be a great and thoughtful gift for an Aquarius man. In their pursuit of knowledge, Aquarius men also like to pick up new skills, so a chess board or a small telescope is a way to engage the brainy side of their personality while picking out something original. Women: If you go for jewelry, pick something blue and silver to match their star sign. To appeal to their caring and giving nature, adopt an elephant or another rare animal on their b