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Sep 30, 2018

Empaths Cannot Stand Being Close To These 5 Types of Fake People

An empath is someone who naturally connects with the emotions of the people around them. They are extremely sensitive to feelings and energy. This type of person can instantly tell if you are being honest or deceptive.
For an empath, certain types of people are extremely difficult to be around. They cannot stand being around fake or deceptive individuals
Since an empath can sense the feelings of other people, they can tell when someone’s feelings do not match up with what they actually say. Because of this, there are five kinds of people that an empath cannot stand being around for long.

1. Overly Tough People

An empath likes someone who is genuinely tough because they have experienced a lot in life or worked hard.
They hate people who pretend to be tough. When someone is rude to a waiter because they think they are better or in control, an empath cannot stand it.
They hate anyone who is rude or angry. If someone is a bully, the empath instantly wants to leave the room.

Luckily, this type of person tends to avoid empaths. In most cases, the empath will not have to put up with them for long.

2. Dramatic People

We have all encountered people who like to play the victim. They say how much they hate drama, but all they do is bring drama into their life.
This type of person is fine with gossiping about everyone else, but they instantly get offended when someone says anything about their own actions.
An empath has a gift for emotional healing. When you are friends with an empath, they are the person you turn to for help when you are in emotional turmoil.

While this is one of the strengths of an empath, it is also a huge weakness. When someone always causes drama and plays the victim, the empath’s first impulse is to help.
Then, they realize that the person just wants everyone to pity them. They would rather have someone defend their argument than try to find a workable solution.

3. Manipulative People

Most people do not even realize when they are being manipulated. An empath can quickly tell if someone is lying or manipulating them.
Unfortunately, an empath attracts this type of personality because of their kindness and understanding.
Liars and manipulators try to use the empath, but the empath will quickly figure it out.

4. People Who Pretend to Be Someone Else

An empath does not have time to deal with this type of person. They are happy to help you work through problems and provide moral support.
If you cannot accept who you are, the empath cannot do anything for you.
An empath cannot help fake people because there is nothing real in their personality to help.

5. People Who Always Complain

An empath feels emotions deeply. They instantly connect to how you feel and what you want out of life.
When someone constantly complains, it feels draining for the empath. They connect to the feelings in each complaint.
An empath cannot handle this constant stream of negativity. Even though they want to help, they are too emotionally exhausted to do anything.
Plus, the empath quickly realizes that nothing will ever make the complainer happy.

Even when the sun is shining, the complainer cannot look on the bright side.
Empaths know who they are and how they feel. They work on their personality to become the type of person who they admire.
Because of this, they can have a problem connecting to someone who does not seem genuine.
When they are around a negative person, they soak up this negativity like a sponge.
An empath cannot handle being around fake or negative people for long.

If you are an empath, let the world know just what it is like. Help people discover the types of people that an empath cannot stand. If you´ve had any experiences with these 5 types of people mentioned in the article, then let us know in the comments below!
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