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How You Can Make Money (for Teens)

  The job market might be hard to deal with, especially when you’re a teenager, but, with a little determination, you can find a handful of ways to make some money. In addition to looking into your options with employers who hire teens, you should consider the opportunity to provide services on your own. No matter if you want a basic summer lifeguard job or to start your own business, explore your options in advance to find something you’ll love. 1. Babysitting It’s one of the most common teen gigs. And rightfully so: it doesn’t require spending anything and you also help someone from your community. It’s the best option for those who are responsible and like children. Ask people with young children if they need help with their kids. It’s a good idea to get a CPR certificate and to take basic first aid classes – this will make your employers feel more confident. Try looking for such courses in a local community center, hospitals, or Red Cross chapters. Usually, you can learn there for