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Cat Named Duchess Surprises Owners By Giving Birth To The Rest of “The Aristocats”

Disney Sometimes life can imitate art in the most spectacular and unexpected ways. It doesn't happen too often though, so when it does those special moments definitely deserve all the attention possible. For instance, there's this incredible story about one cat who took her name Duchess to the next level and truly became her namesake from the classic Disney animated film, The Aristocats. Shelby Sewell-Lopez of East Texas adopted the beautiful white-fur cat back in 2018. According to Bored Panda , Sewell-Lopez dubbed the rescue cat Duchess, though her life was anything but glamorous at the time. She was a frail cat with a hernia and just about every parasite possible. “Through all of the rehabilitating, she kept her calm demeanor and a beautiful cat emerged," Sewell-Lopez said. "She is unbothered by everything except the vacuum cleaner!” One day, after bringing Duchess home, her owner discovered the cat hiding in a closet. Facebook | Duchess and Kittens At the time,

10 Animals Who Hit The Genetics Jackpot

We have 20 creatures to brighten up your day with their exterior. Here are 10 animals who hit that genetic jackpot to brighten up your day with their appearances. Although many people think that “mutation” are bad, these gorgeous creatures are here to prove that when it comes to beauty, mutations can actually be a wonderful thing. These amazingly beautiful color variants will make you look twice. Scroll down to enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends and family! 1. This bearded cat 2. That’s a nice wig! Oh wait… 3. Mother of Dragons, with a mustache… 4. A green-eyed angel 5. You can look, but you can’t touch. 6. Majestic dogs 7. Eyes that hold the entire world 8. Foxes come in all different colors. 9. And the “Fluffiest” Cat of the Year award goes to… 10. These sisters are just plain gorgeous.

59-Year-Old Dying Chimpanzee Recognizes Her Old Caretaker's Voice And Has Heartbreakingly Beautiful Reaction

Chimpanzees are intelligent animals who resemble human in a lot of ways and there can even be bonds between chimps and humans. Watch how this emotional reunion between the animal and its former caretaker shows an unusual but important friendship. Save Chimpanzees are a lot like people. We recognize that they are both smart and emotionally intelligent. A chimpanzee can make and use tools, learn languages and communicate with signs and symbols. All of these qualities endear them to humans. Save Chimpanzees also have self-awareness. They realize where they belong within a group. They also seem to recognize when they are dying and when their time is coming to an e

17 Unusual Animals Creatively Colored by Nature

What if Dalmatians had black hearts instead of black spots? And cows were all white? Geneticists are working on these questions now, but there is still a chance that only nature can create fabulous animal colors. Bright Side gathered some photos of unique animals that exist only in a single copy. Hercule Poirot’s cat © Hamilton the Hipster Cat   When your eyes are always perfectly highlighted: Made with love © gill__gill / reddit   When each day is a surprise for you: © BanYe- OMG Cattttツ   When you decided to have your girlfriend’s portrait tattoo:

25 Animals Whose Looks Smash Ordinary in the Face

Our world is full of mysteries and animals are one of its enigmatic things. They will never stop impressing us with their looks and behaviors. Adorable and fluffy while being a dangerous hunter — check. Looking like a fairy tale creature — check. Able to make a face that even a human can’t do — also check. Though, some animal’s photos on the Internet make us think they are unreal and “photoshopped,” these weird creatures do exist. We at  Bright Side made a list of 25 unusual animals with peculiar appearances that will astonish you. 25. Sphynx cats look like they suspect you of something. 24. Meet Atchoum, the Persian with hypertrichosis. He is the internet’s favorite cat. 23. To Indonesians, these proboscis monkeys resembled the Dutch colonizers who also had large noses. ©