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20 childhood photos that were amazingly recreated!

Childhood photos can be very awkward. Most of the time, when we look at our family’s album, we cringe at the sight of our younger selves, who let others photograph them during their most embarrassing moments. Awkward or not, looking back at childhood photos is very nostalgic and for some, it can spark the desire to go back. Well, that’s exactly what some people do, when they decide to recreate childhood photos. The result is usually adorable and hilarious. So, sit back and get ready to have a great time, because we made a list of the most amazingly recreated childhood photos that will make you laugh out loud! 1. Topless Trio When they were young. The three brothers took to the yard with their shirts off and their shorts on, to have some pure innocent fun. Years later they decide to recreate the classic photo, and we have to admit, the new one is a lot more awkward than

17 “Wow” Wedding Photos of 2018 That Took Our Breath Away

Every year Fearless Photographers have a competition called the Fearless Awards where the jury chooses the best wedding photographs. The most creative and trendy photographers compete and we get to enjoy the results of their creativity. Where else can we see such emotional and unusual photos? We at  Bright Side really loved this idea and we offer you the chance to take a look at the work from the winners. This dog knows something. © ARTURO RODRIGUEZ   Delicious! © David Scholes   Fathers! © Sam Docker   The p

24 Cats Who Fell in Love With Dogs, and This Looks Like the Cutest Thing Ever

In cartoons and movies, it’s always said that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. Dogs are goofy and sworn to be man’s best friend, and cats are known for being stand-offish, stoic creatures. But deep down, we know they’re little cutie-pies who can’t resist cuddles and love. It’s even more adorable when the creatures who steal their hearts are their canine pals. At Bright Side, we found endearing photos of cats completely smitten with their doggy family, and the evidence below will be sure to make your heart explode. 1. Opposites obviously attract for this adorable duo. © pavelmok / reddit   2. Just 2 best friends looking out to sea. © ateart / Imgur