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30+ Hilariously Relatable Illustrations About The Struggles Of Raising A Baby

Ashley Lez Starting a family is filled with many ups and downs, but once your first child arrives, it is a whole new adventure. From their first birthday to their first words, there are so many milestones to celebrate. Maya and Yehuda Devir have been documenting their life together through marriage, pregnancy, and the challenges of raising their little girl with relatable hand drawn photos. Whether it's poopy diapers, sleepless nights, or disastrous messes, these two aren't afraid to share it in a way we all can relate to. Don't forget to stick around til the end for a special photo of the real couple with their beautiful baby girl! 1. "We're Pregnant!" For so many couples, it is a dream to get pregnant and start a family. After trying for a while, Yehuda and Maya finally got a posit

Japanese University Students Less Sexually Active

University students in Japan are becoming less sexually active. The increasingly sex-positive trend from the 1980s and 1990s reversed after a mid-2000s peak. A survey by the Japanese Association for Sex Education in 2017 found that 36.7% of female university students have had sexual intercourse. The figure has tumbled 25.5 percentage points from the 2005 peak of 62.2% and is also considerably lower than 1990s survey results: 50.5% in 1999 and 43.4% in 1993. There has been a tendency in Japan to view males as latecomers to love, with many headlines about “herbivore men,” who have little interest in sex. But the survey results reveal that women seem even more cautious. JASE has been conducting the survey roughly every six years, starting in 1974. In 2017, survey responses were received from 4,449 junior-high students, 4,282 high-schoolers, and 4,194 university students. Up to 2005, there had been a steady rise in the percentages of university students who had g

الفتور الجنسي يصيب شباب اليابان!

أصبح طلاب الجامعات في اليابان أقل نشاطًا الناحية الجنسية. حيث كشفت دراسة حديثة في اليابان، عزوفا كبيرا بين الشباب عن ممارسة الجنس عكس الاتجاه الإيجابي خلال الثمانينيات والتسعينيات وجدت دراسة استقصائية أجرتها الجمعية اليابانية للتربية الجنسية في عام 2017 أن 36.7% من الطالبات الجامعيات مارسن الجنس. وهبط الرقم 25.5 نقطة مئوية عندما وصل للذروة عام 2005 حيث بلغت النسبة آنذاك 62.2% وهي أيضا أقل بكثير من نتائج الاستقصاء في التسعينيات: 50.5% في عام 1999 و43.4% في عام 1993. كان هناك اتجاه في اليابان إلى اعتبار الذكور من المتأخرين في ممارسة الجنس أو لديهم القليل من الاهتمام بالجنس. لكن نتائج الاستطلاع تكشف أن المرأة اليابانية تبدو أكثر حذراً وتحفظًا. تقوم الرابطة بإجراء المسح كل 6 سنوات تقريبًا بدءًا من عام 1974. في عام 2017، تم تلقي استجابات استطلاع من 4449 طالبًا في المرحلة الإعدادية، و4282 طالبًا في المرحلة الثانوية، و4194 طالبًا جامعيًا. وحتى عام 2005، كان هناك ارتفاع مطرد في النسب المئوية لطلاب الجامعات الذين خرجوا في موعد غرامي وحصلوا على قبلتهم الأولى وفقدوا عذر

Cat Named Duchess Surprises Owners By Giving Birth To The Rest of “The Aristocats”

Disney Sometimes life can imitate art in the most spectacular and unexpected ways. It doesn't happen too often though, so when it does those special moments definitely deserve all the attention possible. For instance, there's this incredible story about one cat who took her name Duchess to the next level and truly became her namesake from the classic Disney animated film, The Aristocats. Shelby Sewell-Lopez of East Texas adopted the beautiful white-fur cat back in 2018. According to Bored Panda , Sewell-Lopez dubbed the rescue cat Duchess, though her life was anything but glamorous at the time. She was a frail cat with a hernia and just about every parasite possible. “Through all of the rehabilitating, she kept her calm demeanor and a beautiful cat emerged," Sewell-Lopez said. "She is unbothered by everything except the vacuum cleaner!” One day, after bringing Duchess home, her owner discovered the cat hiding in a closet. Facebook | Duchess and Kittens At the time,