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New Bill Would Hit Parents With $1,000 Fine For Smoking With Children In Car

This new bill would punish parents for smoking in the car while their children are inside. In the field of economics, there is a concept referred to as externalities. In a nutshell, externalities refer to any action that has an unintentional impact on others in a way that wasn’t factored into the products initial cost. Sometimes, these unintended consequences can end up positive; When a bee keeper’s bees pollinate a nearby farmer’s crops. Much more commonly though, externalizes end up being negative, such as when a factory rids itself of waste by dumping into a nearby river. Externalities are not limited to economics though, and our day to day lives can lead to these unintended consequences as well. A prime example of one of these externalities is smoking. <span<br<br /> /><br /><br /> data-mce-type=”bookmark”<br /&gt

17 Kids Who Made Their Parents’ Hearts Drop

A wise man once   said : “Silence is golden, unless you have kids, then silence is just plain suspicious.” It’s hard to argue with that and we all know that sometimes leaving your kids alone for a couple of minutes can lead to unpredictable consequences. Bright Side   has gathered some of the photos showing what kids are capable of, while you’re taking 5. But we should give them credit for making us smile and keeping us on alert! 1. Do not disturb the ghost. © u/kopo27 / reddit     2. All I want is to be a turtle. © momoneymofood / imgur     3. At this age, facial masks are a must. © u/enterfunnyusername / reddit     4. It’s not worth crying over spilled milk. Drink it instead! © reggieCakeJunkie / imgur     5. Keep calm and fall asleep. © Unknown / imgur     6. I was just passing by, when suddenly... © u/B0Bi0iB0B / reddit     7. It seems like he’s excited to get caught. © unknown / reddit     8. Are you