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7 Things That You Should Always Keep Secret, According To The Hindu Philosophy

Around 2000 years ago the Roman philosopher Seneca said: “If you want your secret to being saved, save it yourself.” Sometimes, is not about keeping secrets but it is about keeping specific personal things to yourself which are not preferable to tell. The sages of India based their philosophy on reflections on problems which have to do with things should we not tell and with our inner being. When it comes to the Hindu Philosophy, the fundamental aspect is its practical nature. Even from its creation, the thought of the Hindu sages was focused on solving the fundamental issues of life. The wisdom is born due to the attempt to have a better life. Below you will see 7 aspects of each person’s life which according to the Hindu Philosophy should stay secret. 1) Do not reveal your projects: Remember what you plan on doing in the future, is yours and intimate. There is no such thing as a perfect idea. Therefore everything you choose to do or plan to do in the near futu