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This Might Be Why You Don’t Hear Much About Rachael Ray Anymore

Rachael Ray openly admits that she has no formal chef training, yet that hasn’t stopped her from becoming one of America’s most loved – and hated – Food Network personalities. Ray’s EVOO, a short term for extra-virgin olive oil, became so popular it was added to the Oxford American College Dictionary in 2007. Though her Oprah-backed talk show is still on the air, you don’t hear much about Rachael Ray these days. For years she has been in the spotlight and not always for the best reasons, which might be why her star is beginning to fade… But you can’t deny the unbelievable way her career took off, and it all started when she was young. Growing Up In The Kitchen D Dipasupil/Getty Images Rachael Ray was born and raised in 1968, in upstate New York. Her parents are of Italian, Welsh, Scottish, and French descent. Early in her life, Ray’s family owned and operated three restaurants on Cape Cod. Later in her youth, Ray’s mother Elsa helped open and manage several