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Your Birth Month Can Tell You What Kind Of Woman You Are

Were you aware that your personality may be influenced by your month of birth? According to experts, our birth month can reveal a lot about our personality, meaning that your traits may have been controlled by the Universe all along! Here’s what your birth month says about your personality: January If you’re born in January, you’re an ambitious and determined person who’s secretive about what’s going on in their mind. These people are usually very patient and are attracted to people with whom they can have meaningful conversation with. February Those born in February are great lovers, but moody. Women born in February respect honesty, so if you lie to them, you can bet they’ll walk away from you for good. March Women born in March are charismatic and charming and very loyal. They are not people who you can mess with as they value your relationship pretty important. April April-born women are diplomatic and easy-going, although prone to self-pity. They ca