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10 Reasons Why You Could Be Having Intense Dreams and Nightmares Frequently

Do you have nightmares every night but feel helpless because you can’t do anything about it? Well here are the main possible reasons why you have intense dreams say the experts.  From time to time we all have experienced particular potent dreams which are so vivid that even if we break into a cold sweat and awaken with a start, the memories of the dreams do not vanish but persists every time we try to close our eyes and sleep again. Most of these dreams are unpleasant and have intense effect on us. They force us to think about out our mental well being. Science is still in its infancy about our mind and how it functions or (malfunctions) but dreams are by far still the biggest mystery to us all. But research has been able to find a pattern to them and put together pieces of this puzzle we call dreams to understand why we dream, and what we dream recurrently? What makes us dream? Before we dive into the dark matters of vivid nightmares and bad dreams we must und