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I Wanted To Be An Artist SINCE I WAS 2 , Here Is What I Have Drawn By Age 16

I’m Dusan Krtolica, 16, and my passion in life is drawing. Living in Serbia, I get inspiration from the nature around me. My biggest fascination is with animals, the number of different species and their ability to adapt to different environments. At 2, I first began drawing. Since then, I have attended TV programs to discuss my art, and I’ve given six exhibitions featuring just my drawing. At thirteen, I authored and created all the illustrations for a ‘Prehistoric World’ encyclopedia, and this was published within Serbia. This encyclopedia has been translated since then to English, and I’m trying to find a publisher for it. My art has attracted a lot of interest so I can sell my creations around the world. I am happier that the people who buy my pictures are also friends. I was four when my mom and dad decided I would attend art classes In 2011, I was eight. These were my creations: Art I created when I was nine Art I created when I was ten Art I crea

British Artist Creates A Sculpture To Highlight Our Obsession With Phones

As we are all too aware, the majority of our day is spent on our mobile phones looking at things that don’t really make us think about anything. It seems like we would rather spend time on our phones than talking to our loved ones. It is obvious that our obsession with technology is getting out of hand and it sometimes affects our relationship with our loved ones. This distance between people can often become an inspiration for modern artists. The Amsterdam Light Festival is one of the largest light festivals in Europe, hosted annually since 2012 During the winter period, artists from all over the world take part in the festival, creating unique light exhibitions that inspire and enlighten both its visitors and fellow artists. Gali May Lucas is a British artist and one of the participants of the festival. This year, together with sculptor Karoline Hinz , she created a series of statues, featuring people focused on their phones with warm light illuminating their