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9 Bedtime Habits of the Most Successful People

These are 9 habits of successful people before going to bed: 1.Reading Behavioral experts have discovered that successful people read just before going to bed. These people include Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Vera Wang and many other who consider reading a non-negotiable activity. 2.Having an “unwinding” ritual Successful people almost never work before going to bed. There are always exceptions to this rule such as “workaholics” who stay up late to finish their work. However, unwinding and getting proper rest before going to bed is a habit of many successful people. 3.Doing something nostalgic Another habit of successful people is doing things they used to do in the past in order to remember what’s important in life and who they really are. Being successful also means being able to recognize when you need a mental break and do something other than work in order to relax your mind and body. 4.Daydreaming Daydreaming or “mind-wandering” has led man