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These Anti-Social Commuters Caught On Camera Are HILARIOUS

Public transportation sometimes acts as a form of entertainment. That’s mainly because you never know what type of people are going on the ride with you. For the most part, it’s the anti-social commuters that really make you laugh out loud. They don’t care who’s around them, they’re just there for the ride out of necessity. That means if one of them happens to be cutting onions on the train, you just have to deal with it. That’s not even the funniest or worst offender, though. Read through and see these hilarious images caught on public transportation. The Cat Shows Its Head Pinterest Sometimes traveling with a friend can make things less agonizing. And it doesn’t even have to be a human friend. You can bring your cat along too if you wish and shove the cat into your coat. When the cat needs air, just open up a slit so it can stick its head out. What was just described is what you’re witnessing in this photo. This lady didn’t have time for any pictures as yo