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Cat Named Duchess Surprises Owners By Giving Birth To The Rest of “The Aristocats”

Disney Sometimes life can imitate art in the most spectacular and unexpected ways. It doesn't happen too often though, so when it does those special moments definitely deserve all the attention possible. For instance, there's this incredible story about one cat who took her name Duchess to the next level and truly became her namesake from the classic Disney animated film, The Aristocats. Shelby Sewell-Lopez of East Texas adopted the beautiful white-fur cat back in 2018. According to Bored Panda , Sewell-Lopez dubbed the rescue cat Duchess, though her life was anything but glamorous at the time. She was a frail cat with a hernia and just about every parasite possible. “Through all of the rehabilitating, she kept her calm demeanor and a beautiful cat emerged," Sewell-Lopez said. "She is unbothered by everything except the vacuum cleaner!” One day, after bringing Duchess home, her owner discovered the cat hiding in a closet. Facebook | Duchess and Kittens At the time,

After mother cat gave birth to babies, she felt exhausted but at the same time, father cat came over and a magical and touching incident happened!

Animals also have a strong sense of attraction, but none of these feelings can be described as falling in love. We are sharing a very sweet story of an animal couple. A netizen brought up this lovely couple of a white cat and a grey cat. One day, the white cat got pregnant. Months later, she gave birth to cute baby kittens. The other moment was very surprising. After white mother cat had given birth, grey father cat came over and gave mother cat a kiss. This is the expression of love and thankfulness. Even though cats can’t speak aloud, they constantly try to find ways to communicate. “After looking at my pet cats, I began to believe in love again…..” the owner says. The whole scene was so loving! Even though cats can’t speak aloud, they constantly try to find ways to communicate.The netizen told that the grey father cat cared her a lot and would let her eat first. He sometimes would go out and brought some toys back for mother cat to play. They are really an adorab

Bus Driver Breaks Rules — To Let Stray Dogs On His Bus During Thunderstorm

This sends me in tears! The sound of thunder and heavy rain accompanied by frequent flashes of blinding bolts of bright lights usually sends any animal, regardless of species, to hide for cover. It could be under couches, blankets, tables or even in our arms. Thunderstorms are terrifying for most animals, and it is especially so for those who live a hard life on the streets. Unlike domestic dogs, stray dogs do not have the luxury of snuggling in a cozy place in a comfortable environment. Instead, they stick fur coats on cold and difficult roads. The city of Buenos Aires, which is also the capital of Argentina, had been hit with a torrential thunderstorm. One local bus driver had spotted two stranded dogs during his shift, all drenched head to toe in cold rain water and shivering in fear. He did what any human being with a big heart would do – to provide them with shelter. In the bustling city of Buenos Aires, public transport commuters all know that the rules

Dog Gives Confession Before Going To Heaven, He Know His Dad Has Done All He Could To Save Him

Today, my daddy had to let me go. I had such a wonderful time at my party on Sunday, but it was time to go. I had a fever that night after coming home, and dad kept a close eye on me. I had lots of water and rest, but by Monday night I was losing control of my bladder. On Tuesday morning, Dad and I went to the hospital to see if it was something that could be easily treated with antibiotics. The doctor checked my blood levels and found out that my red blood cells and planets had plummeted again. RBC was at 28% two weeks ago, increasing, but was 12% today. Platelets were 29k two weeks ago but were only 7k today. Ironically, my white blood cell count was increasing. But in general, the doctors told my father that I did not suffer and that they had many options. Today, they told him I was in pain. Since dad made the decision. The only way to save myself was with a lot of money for a very short-term solution. We did it once and it only took two weeks. Today, my father

21 Cats That Will Make Even the Grumpiest Person Smile

Over the years, cat pics and cat videos have been 2 of the most popular subjects used in search engines. As Charlie Day from the TV series,   It’s always sunny in Philadelphia   once said, “Cats do not abide by the laws of nature. You obviously don’t know anything about cats.” At  Bright Side,   we aim to make your day brighter, that’s why we made a compilation of our favorite, and therefore, funniest cats across the web just for you. 1. Just a regular nap for a regular cat. © 00zim00 / reddit     2.   Mission Impossible   (the cat version) © InsertFeelsHere / reddit     3. “Shhh, stay absolutely still...” © StarChaser87 / reddit     4. Cats can be so elegant sometimes. © aannnnaabanana / reddit     5. — “Are you ok, cat?”   — “Meow...”   — “But really though, are you?” © PLUSsignenergy / reddit     6. “Home alone at last!” © Ralph_the_Cat / reddit     7. “How dare you ignore me?” © DayDreamer089 / reddit

24 Cats Who Fell in Love With Dogs, and This Looks Like the Cutest Thing Ever

In cartoons and movies, it’s always said that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. Dogs are goofy and sworn to be man’s best friend, and cats are known for being stand-offish, stoic creatures. But deep down, we know they’re little cutie-pies who can’t resist cuddles and love. It’s even more adorable when the creatures who steal their hearts are their canine pals. At Bright Side, we found endearing photos of cats completely smitten with their doggy family, and the evidence below will be sure to make your heart explode. 1. Opposites obviously attract for this adorable duo. © pavelmok / reddit   2. Just 2 best friends looking out to sea. © ateart / Imgur