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19 Superb Hacks to Make Your Home More Elegant and Stylish

Do you want your home to be more stylish and elegant without spending too much money?? Just follow these 19 amazing ideas for a more beautiful home.  We all love a stylish home. During festivals especially, we try to set aside something form our monthly budgets to spruce up our home but the problem is that house décor is quite expensive so what does one do in this regard. It’s simple really, with the right tips and advice; you can accurately make changes in the décor of your home to get the desired effects with spending the minimum. In fact, several old items at home can be reused and converted into stylish decorative pieces. This means, you don’t need to spend a big deal of money but just learn a few tricks for the ideal stylish home. Here are 19 such design ideas you can try out for the coming festive season. 1 For the illusion of extra space, use mirrors If your home is a bit small and you want to give it a wider look, then placing mirrors on closet doors or a

14 Easy Hacks to Get Rid of Rats From Your Home

Does your home have a rat problem? And are you out of cheap ways to get rid of them? Here are some ways you can easily get rid of mice without spending too much.  No matter where you live, at some point you've had to go face the rat problem in your home. It doesn't matter if we live in duplexes or studio apartments or dorms, mice seem to find their way into our homes. And at times their invasion turns into a real estate issue. We often see apartments we'd like to own, but can't do so as they are infested with rats. There are of course ways of getting rid of them but who's to say there aren't more when they came from? Instead of worrying about the creatures it is possible to keep them away altogether. This way you opt for a more permanent solution and that too, on very moderate costs. So how can we keep the mice away from our homes? 1 Baking soda is the easy way out You perhaps know that baking soda is the multi-tasker of the pest cont