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5 Myths About The Other Woman (That Wives Always Tell Themselves)

Everything you think about the other woman is wrong. Discovering that your husband has cheated can be one of the most devastating moments in your life. Finding out that you have been basically living a lie can come as an overwhelming shock. Between deciphering the truth from the lies, and seeing all the signs that you missed, you feel like nothing short of a fool. Not to mention you feel compared to this other woman, who, in your mind, has almost developed superpowers. This is where you need to gain some clarity and insight to see her for who she truly is and what it’s like being the other woman. But along with that, it’s important to bust a few myths you may have been fed: 1. She must be amazing. Let’s face it: this woman’s moral compass doesn’t exactly point north if she is actively involved with a married man. Worse yet, one with a family. This shows a very self-seeking disposition. So, basically, short of committing murder, you probably can’t top her own spe