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A Big Butt is a Healthy Butt: Scientists Say That Women With Big Butts are Smarter and Healthier!

Researchers at the Oxford University have released the results of a research that suggests that women who welded bigger behinds had lower risks of coming down with diseases. It also went on to say that such women turned out to be smarter than their counterparts. Isn’t that interesting? Well, they went ahead to say that women with bigger butts had lower levels of cholesterol which in turn meant that their hormones help them to burn sugar quickly. They also went on to suggest that women with larger behinds were at lower risks of developing cardiac conditions, diabetes and similar diseases that are related to the unhealthy amounts of cholesterol ingested and inherent in the body. The reason for this? The large deposits of Omega 3 Acids that are present in these women’s bodies. These minerals that are naturally gifted this women, all help improve the brain function of these women. The Greek Professor, Konstantinos Manolopoulos – who also doubles as the leade

46 girls prove that wetter is better

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Stop Doing These Right Now If You Have Dry Skin

Dry and flaky skin is a major problem that most people face. Peeling skin on your face can make you feel very conscious and affect your entire look. Even make-up doesn't sit well on dry skin and tend to look cakey. Dry skin is caused due to several factors like the use of chemicals, pollution or even hormonal issues. We cannot completely cure dry skin but we can definitely prevent further damage to it. In this article, we have given a few tips on what not to do if you have dry skin. Let us see what are some habits you should avoid if you have dry skin. Avoiding Moisturisers Dry skin, of course, requires more care than any other type of skin when it comes to moisturising. For any other skin type like oily or normal or even combinationskin, you are allowed to skip applying moisturiser. If you are doing so with the dry skin, you should stop this practice right away. You should use a moisturising cream specially designed for your skin type.

These Remedies Will Help You If You Have Dry Hands

Dry skin is something all of us face in common, irrespective of the gender. While we pay more attention to drynes of the face, we tend to ignore dry and rough hands and forget to treat them too. Not taking a proper care will end up in you getting dry, rough and ugly-looking hands at a very young age. There are several reasons that can affect the skin on our hands. These may be due to the climate, over exposure to the sun, exposure to harmful chemicals, excessive washing of the hands, humidity, etc. However, this skin-related issue can be treated easily with some quick and natural home remedies. These home remedies will not only help in keeping your hands soft and supple, but also will not have any side effects in the future. So, here are some home remedies that will help you in keeping your hands soft and healthy. Oatmeal Oatmeal works well for dry and rough hands. It works as an exfoliator and thus makes the skin appear soft and healthy. Ingredients: 2

Do You Have A Dry Skin? Here Are Some Tips To Follow

Dry or flaky skin is normally seen mostly during the winter season. It can appear either on the face or different parts of the body. Depending on the cause, dry skin can seem to be flaky, scaly, peeling or even sore. But it is not necessary that it can appear only during the winters. Dry skin can also be the result of many other factors. The cosmetics and soaps you use can make your skin dry, and the ageing process can cause skin to become dry because the sebaceous glands become sluggish with age. Some other causes can be due to climate changes, certain medications, contact dermatitis, peri-oral dermatitis, makeup and cosmetics, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. For some, this can be chronic and for some, this can be easily treated if you put in some effort in taking care of your skin. If it is chronic, it's better to seek medical help, otherwise some natural home remedies and tips will help you in treating flaky or dry skin easily. Tips To Follow for Dry Skin