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Weird Rules You Should Never Forget To Follow In Russia

Don’t: Give Yellow Flowers Whether you’re bringing them as a gift to the couple hosting you for dinner, or giving them to a lovely lady before a date, everyone all over the world appreciates receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But in Russia, you have to be careful about what flowers you give to people. Make sure that you never give yellow flowers – they symbolize loss and are often used at funerals. Additionally, always give an uneven number of flowers in the bouquet. Do: Give Up Your Seat On Public Transport In Russian culture, there are very clear hierarchal standards for who gets respect and preferential treatment in society. The elderly are supposed to be helped whenever they need it, and part of that means standing up on the public bus or metro if an older person needs to sit. It’s considered extremely poor form to sit while a senior citizen stands, especially if you’re a man (though young women give up their seats as well). Don’t: Keep Empty Bottles On