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Dear Alcohol, Thanks For Ruining Everything!

Alcohol is the destroyer of many lives, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t almost destroy mine. And while for some the notion of alcohol being nefarious would be obvious, for many of us, alcohol is a sneaky demon that greets you with a smile, only to later stab you in the back. Dear Alcohol, You were the abusive boyfriend I never had. At first, we had fun together. Possibly too much fun, but it was casual and I truly never expected anything to come of it. But, as time progressed, I learned to lean on you for everything. You gave me the courage to speak up in social situations that paralyzed me. You were there at the end of a stressful workday to soothe me into relaxing for the evening. And you were a wonderful compliment to some of the most interesting evenings of my life. But…. Just like an abusive boyfriend, those grandiose feelings and moments were fleeting. And soon, in their place I found pain. According to psychology, abusive people will build you up and t