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Little Nightmares brings all of your childhood dreams and nightmares to life.

Dubbed the creepiest platformer of the year, Little Nightmares is the personification of every dream and nightmare that you’ve ever had as a child. Some might say this nightmarish indie looks eerily familiar and if you think back to a couple years ago, you might remember that Tarsier Studios debuted the game under a different name - Hunger. Hunger recently caught the attention of the acclaimed game publisher Bandai Namco, which picked it up and revealed it at this year’s Gamescom with a new name. The new trailer revealed never-before-seen gameplay footage which touted stunning visuals, character design reminiscent of a Tim Burton film, and a creepy atmosphere that has definitely managed to catch the attention of the gaming industry. Although not much was shown of the game, some plot details were revealed. Little Nightmares will center around a petite but brave little girl with a bright yellow raincoat by the name of Six. The game will feature survival and