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“Facts” That Everyone Believes But Aren’t Actually True

Every day, we hear so-called “facts” or sayings that we believe without question, even though there has never been any evidence to support them. They’re everywhere and most people are either blind believers or too lazy to research to see if these “facts” are even true. Even worse, people pass on this misinformation to others until they become so widely known that nobody doubts their veracity. Read on to learn about some of these supposed bits of knowledge that are nothing more than urban legends. Do you believe any of these? You’ll see why the police still use undercover agents. Your Hair Grows Thicker If You Cut Or Shave It Felix Hörhager/picture alliance via Getty Images This one goes out to all the young men who desperately shave their essentially hairless faces in the hopes that their stubble will grow into a full-blown beard. While people may think that their hair grows in more abundantly after they shave, it just seems that way because a strand of hair

Actors Who Regretted Their Most Iconic Roles

We all live with regrets, but unlike actors, our regrets aren’t promoted with millions of dollars, shown on movie screens worldwide, and then preserved forever in film history. No one will know if you totally bombed a job interview, but the world remembers Robert Pattinson’s character in Twilight . These actors ended up regretting some of their most iconic roles for a variety of reasons. Some hated the film while others hated the character. One Harry Potter actor can’t stand to watch the films just because of their acting. Sean Connery Has Had A Troubled Relationship With His Character 007 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/MovieStillsDB While most actors would kill for the chance to play James Bond, the original one couldn’t care less. In an interview with The Guardian, Connery said he was so sick of even talking about the role and that he’s “always hated that damned James Bond…I’d like to kill him.” When Connery first landed the role, he thought he was being underpaid. B