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Jan 26, 2019

“Facts” That Everyone Believes But Aren’t Actually True

Every day, we hear so-called “facts” or sayings that we believe without question, even though there has never been any evidence to support them. They’re everywhere and most people are either blind believers or too lazy to research to see if these “facts” are even true. Even worse, people pass on this misinformation to others until they become so widely known that nobody doubts their veracity. Read on to learn about some of these supposed bits of knowledge that are nothing more than urban legends. Do you believe any of these?
You’ll see why the police still use undercover agents.

Your Hair Grows Thicker If You Cut Or Shave It

Felix Hörhager/picture alliance via Getty Images
This one goes out to all the young men who desperately shave their essentially hairless faces in the hopes that their stubble will grow into a full-blown beard. While people may think that their hair grows in more abundantly after they shave, it just seems that way because a strand of hair that has been shaved has a blunter edge and therefore, feels thicker.
On the other hand, strands that have grown out for a long time taper at the end, giving them a naturally softer or finer feel. So your hair isn’t growing thicker, it just feels different after you cut or shave it.

Lightning Doesn’t Strike In The Same Place Twice

This saying most likely came about from somebody trying to convince themselves or others that they were safe during a lightning storm. When lightning didn’t strike the same spot twice, they probably took it as fact and decided to pass their newfound “knowledge” to others.
In reality, lightning can absolutely strike in the same spot twice, and it’s not even all that rare to happen. The Empire State Building in New York gets struck 20 to 25 times a year. On one occasion, it was hit eight times in just 24 minutes!

An Undercover Police Officer Is Obligated To Tell You They’re A Cop If You Ask

Undercover Police
Robert Alexander/Getty Images
What makes people think that a police officer who’s undercover isn’t allowed to lie, if being undercover is one big lie to begin with? Of course they’re not required to tell you if you ask. If that was the case, why would anybody use undercover police officers at all if all? It’d be pointless if they could be revealed so easily.
In fact, undercover police officers are exempt from some criminal laws, so they are able to partake in committing crimes to not be suspicious. However, one thing they aren’t allowed to do is force someone to commit a crime.
Remember why people are afraid to touch frogs?

Sugar Causes Hyperactivity In Children

Sugar High
Leon Neal/Getty Images
While many people believe that giving little kids sugar will give them a “sugar high,” that’s not actually the case. Although sugar does contain a lot of glucose, that’s not what makes children hyperactive.
In fact, consuming a lot of sugar does the opposite and can lead to hypoglycemia, leaving you feeling tired and sad. It’s much more likely that the change in a child’s behavior after eating something with a lot of sugar is because they’re just excited about eating a sweet treat.

Chewing Gum Will Stay In Your Stomach For Seven Years

Chewing Gum
Tim Boyle/Getty Images
This myth probably came about because adults didn’t want children to eat gum like regular food or candy. The reason for not wanting kids to eat gum is that it’s possible that it could lead to some medical issues if they ate enough of it.
However, if you do end up swallowing a piece of gum, it’s not a big deal and it’s not going to stay in your system for seven years. In fact, it’s more like seven days. Just like most other things that you ingest, chewing gum will eventually pass through your digestive system.

Your Hair Will Grey Sooner If You Dye It

Once again, this false piece of information most likely came about from parents discouraging their children from frequently dying their hair. Hair gets its color from melanin pigment, so when the pigment begins to deteriorate from old age, an unhealthy lifestyle, or stress, the hair begins to turn grey.
Dying doesn’t do anything to deteriorate the pigment so it can’t be a factor that causes hair to become grey. However, dying your hair frequently can lead to scalp or other skin irritations.

You’ll Get Warts If You Touch A Frog Or Toad

Frogs And Toads
Eye Ubiquitous/UIG via Getty Images
Frogs and toads may look like they have warts on their bodies, but they’re not actually warts at all. They’re called parotoid glands, and they release a chemical that irritates the mouths of certain predators as a defense system.
Therefore, touching one of these amphibians won’t give anybody warts. If that was the case, a lot fewer people would probably own frogs as pets or be willing to pick them up at all. Warts are actually caused by HPV, or Human Papillomavirus — something frogs don’t have.
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There Are Left-Brained And Right-Brained People

Human Brain
People like to claim that they are either left-brained or right-brained, meaning that they either rely on logic (left) or creativity (right). So, someone who is extremely good at math may be labeled as left-brained because they use their logic and analytics to deduce and solve problems.
Conversely, a painter is considered right-brained because of their artistic capabilities. It’s also said that it’s rare for people to use both and that you’re one or the other. This is false, as there’s no division between the talents of each hemisphere of your brain. In fact, they work together.

Mother Birds Will Disown Their Young If Touched By Humans

Baby Birds
Riau Images / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Chances are, if you’ve ever found a bird that fell out of its nest, someone was there to tell you not to touch it or it would be disowned by its mother. People believe that a mother bird can smell if its baby has been touched and won’t bring it into the nest.
However, birds have tiny olfactory sensors, which means that they have poor smelling abilities. The mother bird would never know if a human had touched one of her babies, let alone smell your scent on them.

You’ll Catch A Cold If You Go To Bed With Wet Hair

Rhinitis Woman. (Photo by: Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images)
Going to sleep with your hair wet or being out in the cold without a jacket are classic misconceptions about how you can contract a cold. Yes, you shouldn’t sleep when your hair is wet because it can cause mold in your pillow, but it won’t lead you to catch a cold.
The truth is that the only thing that can cause you to get sick with a cold is a cold virus. The most common cold virus, responsible for an estimated 50% of colds, is known as the rhinovirus.

Defibrillators Can Start A Stopped Heart

Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images
We see it all the time in film and television. Someone’s heart has completely stopped, so EMTs or other medical personnel use a defibrillator to shock their heart into pumping again. While defibrillators are used to help hearts beat normally again, they aren’t used to start up a completely stopped heart.
They’re used to fix irregular heartbeats. When using a defibrillator, it is also assumed that the heart it’s being used on has the proper balance of electrolytes in the first place. Otherwise, the machine can cause even more damage.
Coming up, a myth about another lifesaving method is debunked

The Great Wall Of China Is Visible From Space

Great Wall Of China
Utku Ucrak/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Yes, the Great Wall of China is incredibly large and is arguably one of the ancient world’s most astonishing creations. However, it is not possible to view it from space. Even from the lowest orbit possible, the monstrous wall is still not visible, mostly because of its color and the shape of its designs.
Any pictures in which you can vaguely see the Great Wall of China from “space” were images that were captured using a zoom lens.
Read on to learn which myth has been debunked about death.

Red And Blonde Hair Is Going Extinct

People with the genes that produce either red or blonde hair are not a different species and it’s impossible for genes to suddenly go extinct. These two hair colors come about due to recessive genes which are carried across generations.
Even people who don’t have red or blonde hair can carry the recessive gene and can pass it down to future generations. So, if you have red or blonde hair and someone jokes that your traits are going extinct, you can tell them otherwise.

Your Hair And Nails Continue To Grow When You Die

Nail And Hair
Hendrik Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images
There’s been a rumor circulating around for ages that after you die, your hair and nails continue to grow. While this does create a rather disturbing image, it’s far from the truth.
When you die, your cells no longer function. There are cells in your hair and nails, so they definitely do not keep growing once you’re six feet under. People may see an old corpse and it looks like their nails grew longer, but that’s just because the skin shrinks after being dead for a while. This gives the impression that nails and hair are longer.
Do you know what soap actually does?

CPR Can Restart A Heart That Has Stopped Beating

Matthew Horwood/Getty Images
Many people believe that by performing CPR, you can help to restart a non-beating heart. But much like defibrillators, CPR isn’t supposed to be used to “restart” a heart.
Instead, CPR is primarily used to prevent brain damage by ensuring that a person’s lungs are getting enough oxygen pumped into them, therefore feeding the brain the oxygen that it needs. That doesn’t stop Hollywood from using the technique to create some highly emotional scenes, with CPR usually saving the day.

Standing By A Microwave Can Give You Cancer

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images
Yes, radiation is very bad for you and microwaves rely on radiation in order to heat up your chicken nuggets. Although there’s a reason we refer to using a microwave as “nuking something,” it’s a lot safer than a nuclear bomb.
In fact, microwave ovens use non-ionizing radiation, which doesn’t have the power to affect the cells in our bodies. Do people really think that a common household appliance would continually be used by the majority of people if it was pumping us body full of cancer?

Using Soap Kills Germs

Washing Hands
Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images
When the majority of people wash their hands, they think that they are killing germs, with many soap companies going so far as to advertise that’s what their soap does.
But that’s not what soap actually does. Bacteria sticks to, and survives off, the oils that accumulate on your hands. Using soap and water simply cleans the oil off your hands to eliminate the potential for the bacteria. It doesn’t actually kill any germs.

You Can’t Adopt A Child If You’re Not Rich

Jeff Gritchen/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images
All you have to do is look around to see that not all adopted children have parents who are extremely rich. Plenty of typical families have adopted children without being classified as “upper class.”
Yes, the adoption process is long and arduous, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have tons of money to do it. All you have to do is prove that you are financially stable enough to care for a child, and that doesn’t always mean millions of dollars.

Daddy Longlegs Are Extremely Venomous

Daddy Longlegs
Arterra/UIG via Getty Images
There’s a myth that daddy longlegs are extremely venomous, if not the most venomous spiders on earth. However, the reason we don’t fear them is because their pincers are too small, short, and sharp to have the ability to pierce human flesh. In truth, there are two types of daddy longlegs.
One isn’t venomous at all and the other has never bitten a human before. So, these spiders really are as harmless, except for the legend that they are poisonous.

There Is A Dark Side Of The Moon

Dark Side Of The Moon
Dinendra Haria/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
Pink Floyd claimed that there is a dark side of the moon, and it appears that a lot of people believed them. There is talk about sending people to the dark side of the moon to see what’s over there, but guess what? There is no dark side.
There is, however, what is known as the far side of the moon. The far side waxes and wanes light just like the nearer, bright side. So don’t be surprised if we never find anything unusual on the dark side of the moon.

Actors Who Regretted Their Most Iconic Roles

We all live with regrets, but unlike actors, our regrets aren’t promoted with millions of dollars, shown on movie screens worldwide, and then preserved forever in film history. No one will know if you totally bombed a job interview, but the world remembers Robert Pattinson’s character in Twilight.
These actors ended up regretting some of their most iconic roles for a variety of reasons. Some hated the film while others hated the character. One Harry Potter actor can’t stand to watch the films just because of their acting.

Sean Connery Has Had A Troubled Relationship With His Character 007

regret roles 1
While most actors would kill for the chance to play James Bond, the original one couldn’t care less. In an interview with The Guardian, Connery said he was so sick of even talking about the role and that he’s “always hated that damned James Bond…I’d like to kill him.”
When Connery first landed the role, he thought he was being underpaid. By the end of his sixth and final appearance as James Bond, he was donating his entire salary to charity.

Kate Winslet Thinks Her Performance In Titanic Sucked

regret roles 2
Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB
While Winslet doesn’t regret the character or the movie, she can barely watch herself in scenes from Titanic. She once told CNN that she’ll criticize how she acted in every single scene. The worst part for Winslet? Her “awful” American accent. She says it’s hard to even listen to.
While Winslet had acted in numerous movies before Titanic, none of them required a different accent. She definitely felt in over her head with that role.

Megan Fox Knew Her Role In Transformers Didn’t Rely On Acting

regret roles 3
Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB
While teenage boys love Fox’s character Mikaela Banes in the Transformers franchise, the actress hated it. She told Entertainment Weekly that it didn’t take long for her to realize the director wanted her for her looks, not her acting.
As such, it became a fun game for her to "act" in the film. Fox felt the film didn’t appreciate her skills or challenge her whatsoever. It makes more sense now why she left the franchise after the second installment.
The lead actor in a beloved movie coming up says it was too “sentimental” for him.

Zac Efron Hates Troy Bolton’s Legacy

regret roles 4
Disney Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Efron is definitely thankful for the fame and opportunities that High School Musical and Disney gave him, but he doesn’t have to like it. The actor told Men’s Fitness that he’ll watch it and “want to kick that guy’s *** sometimes.”
Efron’s biggest regret is that many people have a hard time separating him from the character. He has gone on to have a wildly successful career and tackle many different roles, but if you were a teenager in 2006, he’ll always be Troy Bolton.

Michelle Pfeiffer Knew Grease 2 Couldn’t Live Up To The Hype

regret roles 5
Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Even though Pfeiffer went on to be known for many other iconic roles, we first got a taste of her as Stephanie in Grease 2. The spin-off was highly successful in the ’70s, but has since been considered a terrible flop. Pfeiffer wasn’t exactly happy with it either had hates to be reminded of it.
In fact, she calls acting in Grease 2 “a bad dream” that she wants “erased from her memory.”

Christopher Plummer Hated "Every Aspect" Of The Sound Of Music

regret roles 6
Twentieth Century Fox/MovieStillsDB
Even though it made him a star, the actor who played Captain von Trapp “disliked almost every aspect of” The Sound Of Music. Plummer said that there was nothing to make his character interesting and that his attempts felt like “flogging a dead horse.” Ouch.
Maybe Plummer just isn’t into romantic, happy endings because years later in 2009 he also called the film “awful and sentimental and gooey.” It may have made him a household name, but apparently, it wasn’t worth it.
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It’s No Secret That Robert Pattinson Hates Twilight

regret roles 8
Summit Entertainment/MovieStillsDB
The British actor has never hidden his hatred for both the character Edward Cullen and the entire Twilight franchise. In 2008 during filming, he said, “the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy.” It affected his acting too. Since Pattinson hated the character, he played Edward as a “manic-depressive who hates himself.”
If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Pattinson also said the sound of screaming Twilight fans is “the sound you hear at the gates of hell.”

Carrie Fisher Hates The Fame She Gained From Star Wars

regret roles 10
The late actress had a turbulent career that all began when she landed the role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. While she eventually came to terms with the role, in 2008 on The Today Show, she said that she "would have never done it" if she had known how famous it would make her.
Granted, in 2008 Fisher was still struggling with substance abuse. When the series was rebooted in 2015, she happily reprised the role.

Harrison Ford Hated His Star Wars Role For A Different Reason

regret roles 11
Unlike Carrie Fisher, Ford was perfectly content with the fame that came from playing space outlaw Han Solo. What he didn’t like was the demand of the character. Ford actually wanted his character to be killed off at the end of Return of the Jedi but George Lucas didn’t grant his wish.
Ford reprised the role in the 2015 franchise reboot solely on the condition that his character would finally die.

Alec Guinness Thought His Star Wars Character Was "Fairy-Tale Rubbish"

regret roles 12
Alec Guinness was already a British film legend in 1977 when he begrudgingly agreed to take the role of Obi-Wav Kenobi in the first Star Wars film. He only took the role after his pay was doubled which should have been a red flag for George Lucas.
Then, from letters at the time, you can see him writing about how Obi-Wan and the entire film franchise was "fairy-tale rubbish." Star Wars does not have a good reputation with its actors.
Next, find out which Harry Potter star can’t stand to watch the films.

Daniel Radcliffe Kind Of Regrets Harry Potter

regret roles 7
Warner Bros./MovieStillsDB
Don’t freak out right away, he doesn’t regret the Harry Potter films OR the lead role entirely. Daniel Radcliffe mostly just hates looking back and watching his acting. Radcliffe gives himself a pass on the first few movies because he was young, but he absolutely hates Harry in The Half-Blood Prince.
Radcliffe told Playboy in 2015 that his acting “is very one-note” and that he felt he just got “complacent” with the character.

Katherine Heigl Liked Knocked Up But Hated Her Character

regret roles 13
Universal Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Heigl never hid her feelings for the Judd Apatow comedy film that made her a name on the silver screen. Even when promoting the film in 2007, she called it “a little sexist.” Later on, she expended the comment and said the film painted her as “shrew, humorless and uptight.”
Many people were quick to agree with her, but Heigl quickly made it clear it’s not the movie she hates but it was her character.

Marlon Brando Hated Being Beautiful

regret roles 9
Warner Bros./MovieStillsDB
Brando is known for different roles by different generations, but his portrayal of Stanley Kowalski in the 1951 film A Streetcar Named Desire shot him into fame. Despite being the role that made him, Brando once told Time magazine he “detests the character” because for a long time it branded him as a “sexy outlaw” archetype.
It took a few decades but Brando eventually shook the label when he landed the lead role in The Godfather.

Halle Berry Knew From The Start Catwoman Was A Flop

regret roles 14
Warner Bros./MovieStillsDB
When Catwoman was released in 2004 critics didn’t know what to do. The movie itself was terrible, the script had no depth, and the character was boring. But somehow, Halle Berry’s acting was incredible.
Berry ended up winning a Razzie Award for the film and in her acceptance speech she thanked Warner Bros. for casting her in the "piece-of-s***, god-awful movie." Teenage boys were pretty thankful to Warner Bros. too.

Ben Affleck’s Only Career Regret Was Daredevil

regret roles 15
Twentieth Century Fox/MovieStillsDB
Ben Affleck was known as a bankable drama and action film star thanks to Good Will Hunting. Then it all came crashing down in 2003 with Daredevil. Affleck told Playboy magazine in 2013 that he loves the story and character so much that “the fact it got f***ed up the way it did” still hurts.
He’s never really been able to bounce back. Even his bid to be the new Batman has been seen as a failure.

Harrison Ford Hated Blade Runner More Than Star Wars

regret roles 16
Warner Bros./MovieStillsDB
The only character Ford hated more than Han Solo was Rick Deckard in Blade Runner. He complained that he was a "detective who did not have any detecting to do" and that the material was difficult to read. He also despised having to read for voice-overs.
Ford seems to have a weird habit of reprising roles that he hates. Hopefully, his experience in the 2017 sequel, Blade Runner 2049, was better.

Molly Ringwald Now Looks Back In Anger At The Breakfast Club

regret roles 17
Universal Pictures/MovieStillsDB
It took more than 30 years, but Molly Ringwald has finally decided she doesn’t actually like her character of Claire or the film The Breakfast Club. In 2017, during the rise of #MeToo, Ringwald reexamined the movie and said some scenes make her feel “deeply uncomfortable.”
Ringwald even went so far as to say she regretted not speaking out against certain inappropriate scenes at the time because they portray women in a bad way.

Jessica Alba Said Fantastic Four Made Her Want To Quit Acting

regret roles 18
Twentieth Century Fox/MovieStillsDB
The first Fantastic Four film was panned by critics, but for some reason, they still made a sequel. The sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer was even worse and scarred her for life. She said that during filming she considered stopping acting because she hated it.
Apparently, the final straw came when the director told her she looked “too real” when crying and that she should just focus on looking pretty, and they’d “CGI the tears in.” Yikes.

Dakota Johnson Isn’t A Fan Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

regret roles 19
Focus Features/MovieStillsDB
She hasn’t fully bashed the films that shot her into stardom, but Dakota Johnson isn’t exactly a fan of Anastasia Steele or the entire Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. She told Glamour magazine in 2017 that she has a troubling love-hate relationship with her character that “comes in waves.”
Johnson also said that the fame from the role put her life on a path that she “didn’t plan to go down.”

The Final Jason Bourne Script Was "Unreadable" For Matt Damon

regret roles 20
Universal Studios/MovieStillsDB
The role that turned Matt Damon into a certified action star was stretched too thin for his liking. Damon played Jason Bourne in the trilogy but began to hate the character and the franchise after the final film, The Bourne Ultimatum. He said the script was so terrible that he thought it would be “a career-ender.”
Oddly enough, the third film ended up being the most critically acclaimed of the series.

Will Smith’s Biggest Regret Is After Earth

regret roles 21
Sony Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Believe it or not, Will Smith’s biggest film regret isn’t Wild, Wild West — it’s the 2015 sci-fi movie After Earth. Smith said the movie was “the most painful failure” of his career and a valuable lesson for him.
He even said the failure of the character, his acting, and the film taught him to think twice about what he signs on to do. I guess even acting alongside your son can’t make you like a movie role.

Kelly Clarkson Regrets Her First And Only Movie Role

regret roles 22
19 Entertainment/MovieStillsDB
Let’s take a trip back to 2003. Kelly Clarkson just won the first season ever of American Idol, and on the coattails of her fame, she’s decided to star in a terrible romantic musical comedy called From Justin To Kelly. We all knew it was bad and so did Clarkson.
Years later she was jokingly asked if she’d burned all her copies and she responded, “No, I think I would have to own it first.” Clarkson has also instructed her nanny to never show her kids the film.

Edward Norton Was Forced To Make The Italian Job

regret roles 23
Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB
The 2003 remake of The Italian Job had a devoted fan base to work with and an A-list cast so it was guaranteed to be well-liked, right? Wrong. Edward Norton didn’t actually want to sign on to do the film but he had a contract with Paramount Pictures. If he didn’t take the role, he could have been sued.
You can’t tell from his excellent performance but Norton says he regretted every second he spent on the set.

Bill Murray Told Us All He Hated Voicing Garfield

regret roles 24
Twentieth Century Fox/MovieStillsDB
If you paid attention closely in Zombieland you might have caught Bill Murray’s character of Zombie-Bill-Murray say that he regretted doing Garfield. That wasn’t a line in the script, that was real life.
Murray explained that he signed on for the role because he knew Joel Coen—one half of the iconic Coen Brothers—was writing the script so it must be good. As well all know, it wasn’t good. Murray said the film felt like a waste of his talents.

Sia LaBeouf Said He Let The Indiana Jones Franchise Down

regret roles 25
Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Everyone was pretty excited when the reboot of the Indiana Jones series was announced featuring Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf. It ended up being a huge critical flop and LaBeouf largely says it’s because of his dislike of the character.
LaBeouf believed he let the character down because he didn’t like the script or the role. As a result, the movie was a flop and is one of his biggest regrets.

George Clooney Thought He Destroyed The Role Of Batman

regret roles 26
Warner Bros./MovieStillsDB
No one, not even the main actor, enjoyed the 1997 film, Batman & Robin. More than 15 years after the film’s release, George Clooney joked that he’d “been disinvited from Comic-Con for 20 years” and that he saw Adam West and apologized to him.
Clooney as a superhero should have been a slam dunk but those darn nipples on the bat-suit really ruined everything. At least we got to see Arnold Schwarzenegger as Freeze.

A Clockwork Orange Ruined A Decade Of Malcolm McDowell’s Life

regret roles 27
Warner Bros./MovieStillsDB
Apparently, the genius behind Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange didn’t resonate with the film’s star, Malcolm McDowell. He said that thanks to playing Alex, he wasn’t able to land a good new role for at least ten years.
McDowell fully admits that he resented the film and everyone involved in it for those ten years and that rewatching it today still irritates him. Luckily, he’s been a highly successful actor after the brief drought.

Channing Tatum Got Duped Into G.I. Joe

regret roles 28
Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB
There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of G.I. Joe in 2009 that suckered all of us, even the film’s star, into thinking it would be good. Years after the franchise ended, Tatum told Howard Stern that he hated the movie and "was pushed into doing it."
Tatum, like all of us, was a fan of the television show as a kid. Unfortunately, he said after reading the script he didn’t want to be G.I. Joe but couldn’t turn back.

Ryan Reynolds Has Had A Rocky Relationship With Deadpool

regret roles 29
Twentieth Century Fox/MovieStillsDB
Today, everyone knows Reynolds to be the hilariously inappropriate Deadpool from the standalone movies. Before that though, he played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and it was just plain terrible. Reynolds has a deep love for the character and said that he was told if he didn’t play the part they would “get someone else to.”
Reynolds didn’t want anyone else to take on the character so he swallowed his pride, but from the start knew “it’s the wrong version” of the character.

Cher Couldn’t Care Less About Her Role In Burlesque

regret roles 30
Sony Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Back in the 1980s, Cher was the most bankable actress of the decade. You’d think that would mean she’d only take on award-winning projects later in life, but you’re wrong. Cher famously would like to forget ever starring in the 2010 musical Burlesque.
Cher openly told The Guardian that it could have “been a much better film” but that the director didn’t care about Cher’s input and told her he just wanted her to “shoot the dance numbers.”

Christian Bale Hates His Musical Start

regret roles 31
Walt Disney Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Bale came to prominence when he was 17 years old for his role in the musical Newsies. While the film was well-liked by critics, Bale has commented that he felt like the role didn’t help him when he was gunning for a respectable and serious acting career.
Bale is now known for his incredibly wide acting range. He’ll stretch his body and mind to the absolute limit for a role, but the movie that put him on the map didn’t exactly do that.

Miley Cyrus Has A Deep Hatred For Hannah Montana

regret roles 32
Disney Enterprises/MovieStillsDB
Singer and actress Miley Cyrus probably wouldn’t be where she is today without her breakout role on the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. Cyrus began the show when she was 11 and it wasn’t until the show ended that she found her real voice.
While Cyrus doesn’t hate what the show did for her career, she hates how insecure the role made her. She told Marie Clair that she was a “fragile little girl” who always had to play a part and couldn’t be herself.

Shailene Woodley’s Morals Didn’t Align With Her First Major Role

regret roles 33
Woodley says that her time on The Secret Life Of An American Teenager made her question her integrity. She told Flaunt magazine that by the final season, she was anxious about what the “young adults across the country” would be learning about life from the show.
It seems that she’s moved on though. Now Woodley is best now known for her activism and dramatic movie roles that are much more aligned with her morals.

One Day, Angus T. Jones Just Decided He Hated Acting

regret roles 34
The WB Television Network/MovieStillsDB
You might recognize Jones best as the “half man” from Two And A Half Men. He played the role of Jake Harper on the show for ten years until, suddenly one day, he completely denounced the role. Jones uploaded a video that said he hated the show, didn’t want to be on it, and that he wanted people to stop watching.
It seems that not only did he hate the role that made him famous, but he hated the entire industry. He’s stepped away from Hollywood and hasn’t acted since 2016.

Andrew Lincoln Wants To Be Known For His More Serious Roles

regret roles 35
Universal Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Nowadays, kids would recognize Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Long before he landed that major role though, Lincoln debuted as Mark in Love Actually, AKA, the guy holding the signs for Kiera Knightly.
Even though the bit part made him a recognizable face, Lincoln says that his character was the “weird stalker guy.” Apparently, even at the time, he was worried about coming off as “creepy.”

George Reeves Thought Playing Superman Killed His Career

regret roles 36
The first actor for play Superman on the small screen was George Reeves in the 1950s show The Adventures of Superman. While Reeves took the part very seriously because he knew the impact he would have on kids, he absolutely hated it.
He constantly referred to the role as “beneath his dignity” and said that getting into costume was like wearing a “monkey suit.” Reeves didn’t even appreciate the fame it gave him because, for years afterward, he’d have entire roles cut because directors thought his famous face would distract audiences.

Adam Brody Is Tired Of Being Seth Cohen

regret roles 37
The WB Television Network/MovieStillsDB
Any teenager growing up in the early 2000s had a major crush on the nerdy outcast Seth from The O.C. While he may have had girls fawning over him, the actor who played Seth is tired of being asked questions about him. It has been nearly fifteen years and Brody still apparently gets asked only about his role as Seth.
Brody even related his hatred of Seth Cohen to Harrison Ford’s hatred of Han Solo.

Burt Reynolds Hates The Movie That Earned Him An Oscar Nomination

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The first generation of Burt Reynolds fans know him from Smokey and the Bandit, but Reynolds’ career was revived with the 1997 film Boogie Nights. His role as Jack Horner even landed him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.
Despite the rejuvenated career, Reynolds outspokenly hated the character and the film. He even refused to appear in director Paul Thomas Anderson’s next film because he hated the experience that much.

Blake Lively Felt Her Gossip Girl Role Was Personally Compromising

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Much like Shailene Woodley, Blake Lively has had troubled remedying the character that made her famous with her own personal morals. Playing Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl definitely put Lively on Hollywood’s A-list, but at what price?
Lively explained her dislike of the character is because she’d never do the malicious things Serena did like give “someone the cocaine that made them overdose.” Lively even said she didn’t understand why people love the character so much.

Mark Wahlberg Hates His Musical Roots

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You could argue that playing the “role” of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was a long-lost hated character. Wahlberg looks back on the early stage of his career with complete embarrassment. The actor told Sports Illustrated that he “thought he was so cool back then” when in reality he “was such an a**.”
It’s alleged that as part of his contracts, film sets aren’t allowed to play any of his Marky Mark hits.