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25 Secrets of Adulthood That I Had to Learn the Hard Way

When it comes to being an adult, you never stop learning things. As a child, you might think adults know everything but the truth is ‘more’ and ‘everything’ are nowhere near the same. While I am still learning myself, sometimes sharing the things you have learned with others can help them along their journey as well. Sure, some of these things you may have already learned but they are all things I had to learn the hard way. We tend to trust too quickly and move to fast in this life, slow down and consider things before moving forward. If learning the hard way can be avoided, I promise it will make things a lot easier. 1. Being an adult sucks. If I could go back in time and be a kid again I would. Being an adult is not fun. You have to do everything for yourself and deal with the stress of life. Sure, you might not miss being a kid as much as some people do but you need to know that growing up is not all roses and daisies. 2. Things usually get worse before they