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5 great tips and tricks to make your Samsung Galaxy J7 run smoothly

  In many respects the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) is one of the lesser known Galaxy devices. Whilst it doesn't get as much air time as the Galaxy A5 or S7, for those people who have had the good idea to invest in a J7 they haven't been disappointed. That said, like every other smartphone out there, once you start using your device its performance will decrease overtime. Here are a few handy hints to help you get the most out of your Galaxy J7.  Avoid those hungrier applications As we're all already aware, there are a huge number of apps available for download from the Google Play Store. Some of these will be ideally suited to your Galaxy J7, but not all apps are created alike. Some will drag down your smartphone's performance. This is a clear sign that these apps are not running properly on your phone. Samsung Galaxy J7: treat it kindly / © ANDROIDPIT When you run these apps over an extended period of time, they will use every available resou