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She Lived the Life Of A Millionaire, Until They Uncovered Her Scam

She Lived the Life Of A Millionaire, Until They Uncovered Her Scam Anna Delvey lived a glamorous life. She rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the world even though no one ever knew who she really was. Many assumed, as she told them, that she was a rich German heiress that moved from city to city, freely spending money as she pleased. That assumption would turn out to be the exact opposite of who Anna really was. She fooled everyone and lived like a queen while doing it. Read on to discover the amazing tale of Anna Delvey, the millionaire socialite that didn’t have a cent to her name. 1. A Mysterious Woman Anna Delvey was a woman who everyone in the New York socialite scene used to know. If one were to ask where she came from, it’s unlikely that anyone would get the same answer twice. She appeared in the Soho socialite scene and cunningly placed herself in all the places people wanted to be. According to the people who knew h

Inspirational Story about the True Meaning of Love and Marriage

Here’s a story which will help you learn more about marriage and love… A teacher once asked his students what they think about love. “To answer this question, go out in the wheat field. Take the biggest wheat you find, then come back. However, you get to go through them once and not turn back to pick again,” the teacher said. One of the students went out, he saw a big wheat, but he couldn’t decide if he wants to pick it or find a bigger one. Going down the field he saw a bigger one and a bigger one… When he went through half of the field, he started to realize that the first wheat was the biggest. He realized his mistake, but it was too late to turn back and pick it. He went to his teacher empty-handed. “This is what love is,” the teacher said. “You can always keep looking for a bigger and better wheat, but you will eventually realize that you’re missing the first.” The student asked: “What is love, then?” “If you want an answer to this question, go to the corn