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7 Reasons You Should Cut Toxic People From Your Life, Even If They Are Family

Toxic people thrive for drama and expect you to be a part of it. But you always have the power to step back and say “no more.” Toxic people are emotional vampires. Their constant presence negatively impacts the way you think and act. It’s good to be compassionate and generous to people who really need it, however, toxic people will take advantage of this nature and emotionally scar you if you’re not careful. It’s important to identify these negative individuals and cut them off as soon as possible. Here’s how you know. 1. They Emotionally Exhaust You Have you ever spent time with a friend or family member and feel exhausted after that? If the answer is yes, then you’ve got a toxic person on hand. Toxic people have an uncanny knack for draining you emotionally. This they do with their woe-is-me stories or through constant backbiting of another person that you don’t really have an issue with. However, they are all about themselves, so don’t expect anything in retur

Here Are 8 Toxic Beliefs That Will Basically Ruin Your Life

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I had tunnel vision and expected life to be a certain way. I studied my failures until I lost sight of my successes. I surrendered my dreams to feel a sense of comfort. I held tight to my fears and shielded myself from love and happiness by refusing to put myself out there. And as I did all of this, I sat back and wondered why life was so miserable. Obviously, I was very lost. My own toxic beliefs and ensuing behaviors had gotten the best of me. But after some extensive soul-searching, lots of reading, and diligent daily practice, I learned to do things differently, and I found myself again. I tell you this because I know you struggle with similar inner demons – we all do. Sometimes the ideas and habits we get comfortable with end up killing us inside. As a veteran life coach who has now spent the better part of a decade coaching thousands of people online and offline, I realize that many of the toxic beliefs I struggl

4 Phrases Manipulators Use to Make You Think They’re Harmless (And How to Respond)

You may not realize when you are being manipulated, since manipulative people are good at what they do. These people use particular phrases that make them seem like they are totally harmless. Here’re the common phrases manipulators use, as well as how to stop them in their tracks: #1 “You are acting crazy.” They want to get into your head as well as make it seem like you do not know what you are talking about. Whenever you try to bring up a problem you have, they’ll usually respond with “You are acting crazy”, or say something similar. These people can also say that you are irrational. Solution: Stay collected and calm. Even though you may get more and more frustrated, you should state your position calmly and clearly and avoid getting caught up in attempting to prove that you are being rational. #2 “See what you made me do.” It’s among the most common phrases that manipulators use. It does make them seem like they aren’t in control of their actions. They wa

Why You Need to Leave Your Ex Alone (He’s Toxic)

The months post-breakup are hard. They can feel confusing and lonely, and it’s normal to start to wonder if breaking up was really the right decision. At some point, whether we admit it or not, we begin to consider if we should work things out with him. Here are five reasons why breaking up was the right decision, and you probably should have done it sooner! His immaturity For him, it always seemed like life was all fun and games; he never wanted to be serious. When the situation was serious, he brushed it off like it was no big deal. He didn’t understand that everything isn’t always a joke. He acted 10 years younger than his actual age. He was never “wrong” He always got into situations that made you uncomfortable. When you asked him about them, he would respond, “It’s not like that.” He would never understand where you were coming from and would insist that you were wrong, and he was right. He would hang out with people you didn’t get along with, do things you

11 Subtle Ways Toxic People Infiltrate Your Mindset And Make You Think The Problem Is You

1. They make you feel guilty for being unhappy. Anytime you are anything other than exceptionally pleased with them, they become aggravated because they not only can’t handle your emotions, they can’t cope with the idea that they are somehow responsible for them. 2. They make you doubt yourself. They make you feel like you are less capable, and as though you are unworthy. Though they don’t say those words specifically, their actions make it clear that they believe they are better than you in every way. 3. They make you take on their emotional labor. They unload their problems on you and expect understanding, sympathy, and guidance, but when you do the same, they shut you down and tell you to just cope with it. 4. They correct you about anything and everything. If you listen closely, they don’t respond to nearly anything you say with a nod of agreement or affirmation. They always have to add in a counterpoint or imply that there’s something you don’t understa

10 Signs You Are Dealing With A Toxic Person

The world outside is definitely something that you were not taught as much as in your childhood. Although you expect to live through the manner patters you’ve created for yourself, something may pick on you as well as make you angry. It happens as you can’t surpass some levels of evil, hate, and negativity many people have in their hearts and spread it around. You are actually surrounded with criminals, average murder, rape, evil, and psychopaths who kill monstrously. Since you are surrounded by negativity, you learn how to accept it. Also, you probably avoid signs of negative people who are surrounding you by not paying attention to them. However, overlooking something as well as pretending like it isn’t there may lead you into trouble that you do not want to be. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF A TOXIC PERSON? WE’VE COME UP WITH 10 Those who live their lives built up on games and lies are untrustworthy, regardless of how innocent they appear to you. In case you find yoursel