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6-Year-Old Nigerian Model Dubbed ‘World’s Most Beautiful Girl’ Has Stormed the Internet

Is this the most beautiful girl in the world? Many of her fans think so, describing her as “an angel,” “absolutely stunning,” and “doll-like” on Instagram . This young girl has since accumulated thousands of adoring fans. Six-year-old Jare, from Nigeria, first hit the spotlight in 2018 when photos of her and her two sisters went viral on the internet. Wedding photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa, from Lagos, Nigeria, posted a series of photos of 5-year-old Jare on her site, who then received thousands of likes and comments on her striking beauty. “I could have made her smile and make her laugh out loud but I put her in their natural moments for us to see through their eyes!” Mofe captioned on one of her images. “All I want is for everyone to see Jare’s powerful potential. … I want the photo to speak to her when she has reached her adulthood,” said Bamuyiwa to Yahoo Lifestyle . Bamuyiwa taught herself photography where she focused on capturing the beauty of people in Africa and Ni

18 Pro Gamers Who Could Also Be Models

By oouni2 source 1.Chloe Lockley Country England Gamertag ChloeLock Games Counter-Strike Global Offensive King of the Kill Earnings Unknown When she’s not live streaming her favourite game, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, on Twitch, Chloe is working on her modelling career. In 2017, she was a finalist on Britain’s Next Top Model. 2.Kat Gunn Country USA Gamertag Mystik Games Dead or Alive 4, Halo Reach Earnings $160,000+ She doesn’t compete at live events anymore, but in 2016 Kat was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest earning female gamer of all time. She’s still ranked #2 among the top female players in eSports. 3.Kristen Michaela Country: Canada Gamertag: KittyPlays Games Overwatch, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2 Earnings: $200,000+ Well known as a popular gamer on Twitch, Kristen also posts videos about her daily life on her YouTube channel. 4.Zainab Turkie Country Sweden Gamerta