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Did You Catch The Most Outrageous Costume Mistakes In These Major Films?

Movies rely on costuming to set the scene for the action. Costumes need to convince us that a film is set in a certain place and time. That’s why it can be so disheartening when movies get it wrong. Costume designers have a lot to think about when they’re coming up with a look for a movie. Keep reading to see all of the most glaring costume mistakes in your favorite movies. Dirty Dancing: Baby’s Shorts Needed To Be A Skirt Photo Credit: @didiine76 / Twitter Baby’s style wasn’t so much emblematic of her time as it was an inspiration for her time. The movie was set in 1963, even though it was filmed in the ’80s. Those jean shorts she wears came into fashion in the ’80s. Nobody would be caught dead in those in the ’60s. Legends of the Fall: Brad Pitt’s Blonde Hair Was Too Perfect Photo Credit: @jmclark1181 / Twitter In Legends of the Fall , Brad Pitt plays Tristan Ludlow, a cowboy coming of age in the early 1900s. His hair, however, looks like it bel