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The Alchemy of Happiness Quotes (Part 3)

A person may follow a religion and yet not realize the truth. But of what use is his religion to him if he is not happy? Religion does not mean depression and sadness. The spirit of religion should give happiness. God is happy. He is the perfection of love, harmony, and beauty. A religious person should be happier than one who is not religious. If an individual who professes religion is always melancholy, his religion is disgraced. The form has been kept, but the spirit lost. If the study of religion and mysticism does not lead to real joy and happiness, it may just as well not exist, for then it does not help to fulfill the purpose of life. The world today is sad and suffering as the result of terrible wars. The religion which answers the demand of life today is one which invigorates and gives life to souls, which illuminates the heart of man with the divine light which is already there. Not necessarily by any outer form, though for some a form may be helpful, by s

The Alchemy of Happiness Quotes (Part 2)

The man who does not know the secret of happiness often develops avarice. He wants thousands, and when he gets them, they do not satisfy him, and he wants millions, and still, he is not satisfied; he wants more and more. If you give him your sympathy and service he is still unhappy; even all you possess is not enough, even your love does not help him, for he is seeking in a wrong direction, and life itself becomes a tragedy. From the alchemy of happiness quotes. Happiness cannot be bought or sold, nor can you give it to a person who has not got it. Happiness in your own being, your own self, that self that is the most precious thing in life. All religions, all philosophical systems, have in different forms taught man how to find it by the religious path or the mystical way. And all the wise ones have in some form or another given a method by which the individual can find that happiness for which the soul is seeking. Also, Read – The Alchemy of Happiness Quotes  (Part

The Alchemy of Happiness Quotes (Part 1)

Soul means happiness or bliss itself. It is not that happiness belongs to the soul; it is that the soul itself is happiness. Today we often confuse happiness with pleasure; but pleasure is only an illusion, a shadow of happiness; and in this delusion man may pass his whole life, seeking after pleasure and never finding satisfaction. There is a saying that man looks for pleasure and finds pain.   Every pleasure seems happiness in outward appearance; it promises happiness, for it is the shadow of happiness, but just as the shadow of a person is not the person though representing his form, so pleasure represents happiness but is not happiness in reality. From the alchemy of happiness quotes. Also, Read – The Alchemy of Happiness Quotes  (Part 2) According to this idea, one rarely finds souls in this world who know what happiness is; they are constantly disappointed in one thing after another. That is the nature of life in the world; it is so deluding that if a man were

How to Quit Feeling Responsible For Others’ Happiness

Taking responsibility for the happiness of others is without a doubt an immense cause of anxiety. Sensitive and caring people naturally want the people around them to be happy, and looking out for others is typically believed to be a character strength. However, this strength may sometimes morph into a weakness, where we find ourselves turning into people-pleasers in order to make them happy, and this will often turn into a massive source of anxiety. How Taking Responsibility for Others’ Happiness Causes Anxiety The issue usually starts out innocently enough. For a whole host of reasons, we care, and we want others to be happy and feel that the responsibility for their happiness rests on our shoulders. That’s why we end up doing everything in our power to ensure that they are happy. However, the people we care about often still end up unhappy since suffering is an inevitable part of life. This, in turn, causes us to feel a sense of guilt as if we have failed them,

6 Struggles Of People In Toxic Families That Make Them Hard To Find Happiness.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we have a lot more in common with other people than we initially thought we did? In one way or another, we can all find means to relate with one another. People who come from toxic families often have many things in common even when they don’t realize their homes were toxic in general. Toxic families are a lot harder to deal with than toxic relationships or toxic friendships. The struggles of overcoming this kind of thing are very unique in their own ways. Below I am going to go over some of the things people who come from toxic households tend to have in common with one another. These are struggles I think more people that we might assume can identify with. 6 Struggles People From Toxic Families Share: 6. They might not always be able to understand what they are feeling. They don’t often understand the way they are feeling and how it should or shouldn’t be. They feel one thing and pretend to be feeling something else. They are