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Apparently You Shouldn’t EVER Kill a Centipede Inside Your Home. This Is Good Information

These pests are actually unsung heroes. Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, a place where you can relax, unwind, and kick off your shoes. However, any sense of tranquility is easily shattered if you’ve ever spotted a house centipede crawling around your personal space. If you’re blissfully unaware of what a house centipede looks like, prepare to be enlightened. The hideous looking creatures have what appear to be like a hundred legs, but according to Wikipedia there are actually only 15 pairs of legs, the key word being pairs! All of these long sets of legs stick out from their inch or longer bodies and to top it all off they have an extra long pair of antennae that makes them look way bigger than they actually are. They are downright ugly and unless you’re a fan of creepy crawlies, then you likely won’t enjoy these things running around your house. Speaking of running, they are super fast so all of those spindly legs aren’t for nothing! Oftentimes people sp