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30+ Childhood Girl Crushes, Then and Now

  By   Dawn Schuster   -   8/12/21 What Are They Doing Now? From ten-year-olds to our teenage years, childhood crushes are sure to brin a sense of nostalgia to anyone. We grow along with them and to see them grow also inspires us. This article reveals how our goddesses are now and the number of wrinkles you can count off their skin. See for yourself how they were then and are now! Tiffani Thiessen Tiffani would take part in multiple beauty pageants before landing her first big role as Kelly in   Saved By The Bell   and its many spinoffs. This gave her reputation a boost which led to her film debut in   Son In Law . Tiffani Thiessen After the sequel to   Saved By The Bell   was announced, Tiffani would reprise her role as Kelly, guest-starring in three episodes. She has also been announced to be the host for MTV's spinoff comedy show   Ridiculousness ,   Deliciousness . Keira Knightley This legend has had many cult classic roles including playing the handmaiden of Padme in   Star Wa