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NYC pays $17M in three Queens wrongful conviction cases amid fears about prosecutor misconduct — ‘Some people get framed’

Source: The ghost of Queens District Attorney Richard Brown has cost city taxpayers $17.25 million in the past five months. The money is being paid to settle three lawsuits alleging prosecutorial misconduct during Brown’s tenure leading the office from 1991 to his death in 2019 — and comes amid growing scrutiny of some New York prosecutors’ pursuit of criminal convictions at all costs. Brown seems to have been aware of his office’s alleged misconduct, which imprisoned people for years for crimes they were later found not to have committed. At one point, Brown wrote to a top aide, Jack Ryan: “Jack, I think we’ve been getting away with this sort of thing for a long time.” That quote comes from a document uncovered by Joel Rudin, a lawyer who represents the three men who won the $17.25 million in legal settlements. [More New York] A 16-year ordeal for man who won $6.25M settlement from city over Queens wrongful conviction » “The issue has been percolating for