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Coconut Banana Crunch Muffins

  Coconut Banana Crunch Muffins a great way to use up overripe bananas and are a wonderful breakfast with a sweet banana muffin base and crunchy coconut top! We have had this discussion a million times, but my family is a banana loving family. And by family, I mean Ellie & Jorge. Lyla and I like bananas too…just a normal amount. However, Lyla and I are giant coconut fans. Combine those two together and you get Coconut Banana Crunch Muffins! I buy two bunches of bananas every week and sometimes we have a couple leftover that turned too ripe before Ellie got to eat them. It’s amazing that we ever have any considering that kid could eat a banana with every single meal! The only thing Ellie might possibly love more than bananas is  muffins ! That girl is just like her mama — a true carb lover. I have made so many banana muffins for her, like my Nutella Banana Swirl Muffins  and Brown Sugar Banana Muffins . Sunday morning I had a couple of bananas sitting on the counter begging t


THE LIFE-CHANGING LOAF OF BREAD It took me a long time to settle on the title for this post. Why? Because it’s quite a statement to suggest that a humble loaf of bread will change your life… but the Life-Changing Loaf of Bread will do just that. I am willing to be so bold. When I began eating healthier, bread was definitely on my hit list. Not because bread is inherently “bad” (in my books nothing is that black and white), but that I knew when I was basing three meals a day around a loaf of crusty, white French loaf, something had to give. I realized that if I replaced a few slices of bread a day, I could make room for things like greens, fresh fruits, legumes, and that I would be getting more nutrients from the same amount of calories. Light bulb moment. Now, that isn’t to say that my love affair with bread ended there. Oh no. When I moved to Denmark four years ago I fell head-over-heels for bread all over again, except this time, it wasn’t light and fluffy – it was kind of like the

Take A Glass Of This Drink And The Liver Will Be Like New Again!

In order to have a healthy and properly functioning liver it is important to follow a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, nowadays it is very hard to take proper care of ourselves by consuming home-cooked and healthy meals. We eat fast food and other unhealthy foods more than often which can be devastating for our bodies, especially for the liver. Our liver must be protected at all times since its work is vital for us. To achieve that, must do often detoxes. The liver needs this process called detox because its work is to cleanse our body and remove those harmful toxins inside and not just help in protein absorbing. This is the drink that works like a miracle for your liver! To recognize liver problems might take a longer time than you tough it would, so in the meantime cleanse the liver and eat healthy. If the liver already gets damaged, you will be attacked by minor and more serious issues in the future. To cleanse this organ is easy an

Guess Which One Of The Egg Do You Think Came From An Actually Healthy Chicken?

Unfortunately, a lot of people have a hard time telling the difference between a healthy, all-natural egg and an unhealthy one. Eating healthy eggs is vital for our overall health and well-being. The healthy eggs come from a farm chicken and are all natural and very beneficial, unlike the factory chickens, however, many people are not aware of the importance of eating them. This being said, we decided to help you learn which eggs are the healthiest ones and why. As you can see in the picture below, there are 3 distinct types of egg yolk. The first yolk has a dark orange color, the second yolk has a yellow color, and the third yolk has a light orange color. So, what is your opinion? Which yolk came from a healthy chicken? 1. Egg With Dark Orange Yolk If you thought that the yolk with dark orange color comes from the healthiest egg, then you are right. These eggs usually signifies that is extremely healthy, most likely to be originating from a chicken farm, where chicken

What Happens To Your Body When You Start Eating 2 Eggs A Day

Eggs were demonized in the past due to their high cholesterol levels. Many doctors suggested that eating eggs is bad due to the cholesterol and may harm your health, but this was a common misconception which has been blown out of proportion. Eggs are one of the few ideal foods for our health – they contain protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and can be used in different ways. Nowadays, doctors suggest eating 2-3 eggs every day in order to boost your health. If you want to learn more about the benefits of eating a couple eggs a day, continue reading the article below. 1. Reduce the risk of cancer According to one study published in the “Breast Cancer Research” journal, eating eggs every day can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 18%. Furthermore, eggs contain a lot of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that will stabilize your estrogen levels which can sometimes be the main cause for breast cancer. 2. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases Eggs cont