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Scientists Explain 10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Wearing Makeup

For most women, makeup is a part of our daily routine. Research has shown that 44% of women never leave their house without makeup on – yes, even just to go to the supermarket across the street. Makeup has become so normalized in our culture that we marvel when we see someone not wearing it. But what makes cosmetics so tantalizing to wear? Recent psychological research has shown several psychological reasons why women choose to wear makeup. The main reason is that they feel it underlines their naturally beautiful parts – like their eyes, their lips, or the contours of their face. Additionally, cosmetics can also be easily used as camouflage, to help us hide the features of our bodies we don’t like – such as scars or acne. Finally, makeup can be used because women believe men find it attractive. However, some women make the decision to never wear cosmetics in their lives. The question is, does that mean they’re healthier? You may be surprised to learn that not wearing c