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Jan 17, 2020

This Rescue Goat Suffers From Anxiety, and She Only Calms Down When Wearing Her Duck Costume

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Life is rough for this little goat, Polly.
Goats of Anarchy is the goat sanctuary that took little Polly in.
She’s blind, has neurological problems, and is just generally restless when she can’t find her owner.
In fact, the house she lives in is covered in sucking marks from where Polly sucks on the wall to soothe herself.
According to Just Something, little Polly’s mom Lauricella brought home a duck costume she bought in the kid’s section at Marshall’s.
From the second she put it on Polly, she was instantly calm.
She went from her usual nervous self to cool calm and collected in minutes.
What I want to know is, where do I get a super calming duck costume?
Good luck, Polly!

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