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Aug 3, 2019

You Should NEVER Ignore These 8 Dream Symbols.

1. Flying

The dream of flying can mean will, hard work, education. It can be the moderator of freedom. You will soon learn everything about your abilities and what you can really do. Flying is an indicator of confidence and the ability to cope with all the difficulties and solve all the problems yourself.
Overcome the obstacles and everything that weighed you down. If you dreamed of such a thing, you are someone who knows how to manage life! This dream is also an indicator of the pressure and fear you need to go where you want and the confidence that you do not get enough.

2. Death

If you dream of a corpse or death, it does not necessarily mean fear. This means that you will meet a friend or a guest! The happy face of the deceased is a sign of good spirit for him and for both of you. Seeing someone you know to be dead means that the person will have a long and fruitful life.
If someone who is already dead appears in your dream and sits next to you, it’s a good sign, but things will become bitter if you have to go or touch your neck. Dreaming of death can be an indicator of a big change in your life.

3. Teeth

The dream of the teeth depends on the type of teeth we are talking about. The upper part of the teeth is linked to men and the lower part to women. The front teeth are about your brothers and sisters, the good ones for your father and your paternal family. The left, your mother and your maternal family.
Back, distant relatives. If you see in your dream that your teeth are cleaner and cleaner, it means that, depending on which side the teeth were placed on, that person will have a blessing in his life. The rotten tooth is a sign of the fears and fears you have had.

4. Pregnancy

If you see yourself as a pregnant woman, try so much to succeed in your life. Seeing a pregnant woman is another story! The pregnant woman of your dream is a sign of sadness and darkness. If a woman dreams of having a baby, it means she will not have an easy life.
If a girl dreams of being pregnant, it is a sign that she is heading for misery and shame. She will soon be drawn, sadness. When you look at a pregnant woman in your dreams, it means sins and negativity. And when a man dreams that his wife is pregnant, too much responsibility is transferred to him. More than he can.

5. Fire

Fire is the symbol of the passion of love, anger, desires, emotions, the way the heart burns, the desire for destruction, a certain process of growth and a change that can all affect. The fire in the dream is interpreted as an emergency. A catastrophic development.
The process of our life in every phase of our lives that leaves only ashes! Depending on the appearance of fire in your dream, the interpretation changes when playing with fire is interpreted as a warning situation. And fire in anger!

6. Naked

Dreaming nudity is one of the most common dreams. Everyone has had this dream at least once in their life. According to the dream performers, this dream is a sign that something good is going to happen to you in the near future. For example, to reach a better social position or to be promoted to work.
However, they are also negative signs. When you’re naked, you’re in a very fragile state, and your dream must mean that you’re hurting yourself when you’re on your guard. or it can also mean the loss of respect. As if you will be exposed very soon.

7. Falling

This is probably one of the most common dream signals, but most people tend to ignore it when it happens to them. If you dream of falling, it can mean many things. First, it can be control. We all go through phases in which we feel we have lost control of our lives. You may have lost your job or separated from someone.
These things make us helpless, especially when they were not in our hands. This dream means that you have to get some strength in one way or another. The second thing that points to this is fear. When we are afraid of the things of life, we often worry about it unconsciously – hence the dream that falls.

8. Someone chasing you

You may not be aware of their intentions, but it is never good for someone to persecute you in a dream. Basically, this person represents your fears and problems. If you walk in the figurative sense of something in your life, it’s a sign that it’s time to take care of it as soon as possible. This dream can often be very intimidating. It’s because it shows you how you feel inside now.

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