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Jul 30, 2019

What You See First Will Reveal The Secret Way You Say “I Love You”

All you (or your partner) need to do is to look at the image below and make a note of the first thing you see.

Then scroll down to see what this personality test reveals about the secret way you say “I love you” to your partner.
If you saw…

1. The house.

If you have seen the house for the first time looking at this picture, your home and your safety are extremely important. You like to go to town from time to time, but if you want to feel rested, restored and happy, you must spend time in your home, surrounded by people (and objects) that you absolutely love. They are like the living incarnation of a fleece blanket in front of a hot fire.
The secret way you say “I love you” is by feeding the people you care about.
You always cook or bake something, and even if you do not have time to prepare your own treat, nothing makes you happier than finding a bag of almonds in your purse that you can put back in your bag. partner when he is almost hungry Feeding them is your personal and secret way of letting them know how much they are worshiped.

2. The moon.

If you have seen the moon for the first time while looking at this picture, you are a dreamer at heart. You may be completely grounded and responsible, and while that’s true, you’ve never been able to shake your dreamer’s feelings. They love to write and dance or enjoy both forms of art when others share them with the world. The spiritual and creative side of the world is what inspires and motivates you.
The secret way you say “I love you” is through artistic expression.
You can not help but integrate your partner into any job you want to do. If it’s a poem, maybe it’s dedicated to them. If it’s a painting, you might as well paint the grass as your eyes. You can not make a noise proclaiming your love from the top of a mountain, but in your creative life, all this happens in this damn place. There is no other way for you.

3. The wolf.

If you saw the wolf for the first time when you viewed this picture, you are a passionate person. You love the things of the flesh and you breathe them with enthusiasm. You are the type of person who starts a party simply by going to a room. They always have a full bar at their fingertips and when their friends go there, they expect a three-course meal that’s easy to spice up and tell you stories about your last romantic get-away with your loved one.
The secret way you say “I love you” is through physical touch.
It’s useless for you to say that I love you when you can nibble someone gently in your ear. For you, a touch always said a lot more than words could ever. Tiny, gentle physical gestures allow your loved one to know how much he means to you. Of course, you love it as rude as the next kind of wolf, but it’s the soft neck on the neck that reveals your sweeter side, more romantic and affectionate.

4. The trees.

If you saw the trees for the first time while looking at this picture, you are a person who has already been injured. When it comes to love, it’s important to keep an eye on your own emotional baggage. That is, you are a person who feels things a little stronger than anyone. What a trifle can be a thing for a person can keep you moving for weeks or months. You still have hope, but you’ve been burned – and it shows.
The secret way you say “I love you” is by opening up.
If you become emotionally vulnerable to your partner, this is the best way to create true intimacy, and you know it. until you share your hopes and your secret fears with your partner. It may seem minimal, but the slightest emotional availability on your part is an act of extraordinary love.

5. The face.

If you have seen the face for the first time looking at this picture, you are a person known to be very intuitive with others, a person who dreams big and who can set and achieve serious goals. As everyone takes care of the details, prepare an overview that has been so carefully thought out that you will not have to worry because you know everything is going to be the way it should be. They are a natural leader and seem calm to prove it.
The secret way you say “I love you” is through scheduling time to be together.
This may seem like the opposite of romance, but the truth is that there is no better expression of love for you than to include a person’s name in a specific and highly protected place on your calendar. You still have so much to do. If you make it a priority, you do not just say that you take your relationship seriously, you say you like it, and if it’s worth it, it will be understood.

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