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Jul 17, 2019

Bride-to-be finds herself in hot water after imposing a strict dress code for her wedding guests

Published on February 27, 2019

Bride To Be Asks Her Guests To Dress According To Their Appearance

Whoever took part in planning a wedding knows just how stressful the whole ordeal is. There is a lot of pressure on the future husband-and-wife while they plan what will be one of the happiest days of their lives. It makes sense that they would want everything to run smoothly. Everything from a perfect venue, food, flowers, cake, centerpieces, and music, the list can seem never-ending. While all this is a lot, there are some people who decide to take the wedding planning to a whole new level. One example is this bride. She sent out strangely specific dress code requirements for her wedding guests. The catch is, each person was instructed to dress according to their weight. Yes, you read that right. It didn’t take long for the interesting dress code to leak onto Reddit and go viral. The unnamed “bridezilla” started getting some serious backlash from people online about the dress code.
Dear Guests

It all began when the future bride posted to her a Facebook a certain message addressing her guests. Not long after, the post got leaked to Reddit. The bride wrote a long message in the post meant for her upcoming destination wedding in Hawaii.

Dear Guests

It’s a pretty normal thing for a bride to address the guests of her wedding, right? Well, the part that isn’t so normal is demanding from the guests to spend thousands of dollars on a strict and very specific dress code.
A Real Bridezilla

We all know that brides sometimes assign their bridesmaids a certain color or gown to wear. Even if the bridesmaids aren’t too fond about the color or gown, they still roll with it to make the bride happy on her wedding day.


A Real Bridezilla1

In our story, however, we’re not talking about having to wear a frilly over-the-top gown in the bride’s favorite vibrant color. Here, the real-life bridezilla has planned out an exact dress code for all the guests attending her wedding – not just the wedding party.

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